Sending a little love with Paperless Post

If you blog, you’ll certainly have come across Paperless Post. A lot of invitations to events and launches are sent using them, because it’s easy to send something cute, keep track of who said yes and who said no etc.

But, I’m not really one for hosting a party (unless it’s for work), and if I’m meeting mates for brunch, there’s no point in sending an invite. It will have already been a very carefully orchestrated feat of diary management and coordination, that may have even involved Doodle Poll, or if really complicated, a spreadsheet (which is why I’m good at my job as an EA).

What I do like to do is send a little something something. People will pop into my head randomly. I’ll hear a song and think of two friends who moved to Yorkshire and I don’t see any more. I’ll see a WhatsApp where someone is struggling with a project and needs a cuddle, but I’m too far away. Or I’ll realise I haven’t spoken to someone in ages. We’re still friends, we still like each other’s posts on Facebook, but just haven’t bumped into one another, or had time to shove something in the diary. And as we head into the Christmas period, that catch up can not only be harder to fit in, but it can be a time when people feel loss more keenly, it can make people feel anxious, sad, or just plain tired. 

And that’s why when Paperless Post asked if I’d like to use them, to make use of some ‘coins’ I said yes. Because I can send a card, a thank you, just a little ‘hi I’m thinking of you’ message without worrying about knowing their address, whether they can read my handwriting (seriously, this is a challenge in itself), and without standing facing a bank of cards wondering which one to buy. You can send something in just a few clicks, and reconnect

If that’s too fluffy for you, you can send Christmas cards, birthday cards, get well soon cards, and invitations to almost every event you can imagine. Especially handy if you’ve forgotten a birthday or anniversary. You know, just saying. 

It’s easy to work too. You buy coins for as little as £4. This buys you ten coins (40p per coin). Cards start at around 2 coins per card and are customisable (some elements of customisation cost another coin or two, it’s up to you how many you spend – flyers are free to send).

Pick a card, any card.



Edit it – background, words, etc. 


Add the email address (it saves it into your address book too for future use). 

Then press send – or, if you’re antsy like me and want to check it over, send yourself a preview version first. Then once it’s sent, you’ll get a confirmation too.



Though I may be ploughing through my coins at a pace, this is something I’m going to keep up. I love being able to send a little love to people as soon as they pop into my head – not days later when I’ve finally picked a card, and found some stamps (or figured out where to buy stamps). It’s instant gratification, but not just for you.

So if I have your email…. Watch your inbox. 



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