Product Review: Batch Innovations, Apprentice’s Vodka

I can’t believe we’re nearly half way through the year of Batch Innovations! And it’s been a fabulous year for them – they’ve had wins at the San Franscisco Spirits Awards – including double gold for their Industrial Strength Gin, and their signature gin being named Britain’s favourite.

Not so shabby.

We step away from gin for the fifth on the list of spirit creations, and instead move to vodka. 

This is a take over by the Apprentice Distiller, Ryan, who I was lucky enough to meet late last year. There’s no doubt that he’s a perfect fit for the team, this creation being very much his own – he was involved in the whole production process of his Apprentice’s Vodka – selecting the botanicals and working with their designer to produce the image for the bottle label – which when it arrived, just happened to match my manicure beautifully. 



The vodka uses apple, raspberry, blueberry and vanilla it it’s distillation – this means that it’s not a sweet, fruit flavour added afterwards, or an infusion of fruit, much like gin, the spirit is redistilled with the fruit in the still, hence the clear colour, and the flavour still having drier notes. 

On the nose, you get soft apple notes, and blueberry, sweet, but not sugary, it’s softer, and again that tells on the palate. There’s a strength on the palate, but the lack of sugar means it’s perfect for playing with, and opening up.

I tried this both with a little soda, and a little light tonic water. Both were lovely, allowing the fruit to come out and play, but still with drier notes. I may have to play with this in a soft martini, something clean and gentle.


As part of the Innovations release, Batch also sent out a tonic syrup for us to sample it with too. The Jeffrey’s Yarrow, Rosehip and Elderflower Syrup. I was lucky enough to sample their tonic syrups at the Northern Restaurant & Bar Show (they’re really rather good, I need to get my mitts on some!). A gentle splash of the syrup adds some sweetness and goes well with the botanicals in the vodka, but I still think there’s some exploration to do with serves. 

Congratulations Ryan, can’t wait to see what else you come up with!


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