Gin Review: Batch Innovations, Jasmine Gin

Every month the Batch Distillery Gin release a new product that may (or may not) become a regular product. It allows them to experiment with styles and flavours, and even spirits, and for me, is the reason I love gin – and spirits for that matter. The experimental element, the crossover between creativity and science. 

This month’s release from the Batch Innovations range is rather pretty. Taking inspiration from the long lush summer we’ve been having, it uses lots of florals to create a gin that’s akin to a summer garden. 

The Jasmine Tea Gin is distilled with jasmine tea, rose, yerba and matcha teas – a blend of floral flavours that suit this weather well. So let’s dive in. 

On the nose there’s soft round citrus and lots of florals with just a little spice at the end. On the palate, it’s got a rich and round mouthfeel with some tightly packed florals, needs opening up. So let’s go in with a G&T. 




The tonic lets the florals shine – you can pick out the soft bitter notes of the Matcha, and the prettier florals of the jasmine tea. It’s easy to see, having tried this with a light tonic, why the elderflower tonic from Fever Tree, or something like the Rose Lemonade from Fentimans. It’s a bouquet in liquid form. 

They’ve also got a couple of other serving suggestions, something a little fizzy, and an iced tea, that sounds perfect for a summer barbecue. But as we’ve not got a garden…

Any volunteers? I’ll bring the gin. 


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