Coronation Street Yarnbomb

This morning I didn’t go to the gym. 

But I still got up early, very early. Bleary eyed, I was in the city for around 7am, and four ladies of the University of Manchester craft group, In Stitches quietly snuck (with permission) onto the Coronation Street Tour for a little early morning graffiti.


Of the yarn kind. 

After a late night on Thursday, when Mr GFB had to patiently wait for me to clear this mess from the bed (yes I swear the bed is under there somewhere), and remove the cat more than once (she believed I was making it for her to lie on/play with) it was an early start with a bag packed full of crafted squares, rectangles and a flower or two. As you do.


It all started a few weeks ago with an email asking us if we’d like to yarnbomb the street. Cue discussions, debates – a realisation that much as we’d like to, we didn’t have the capacity to recreate the Rovers Return sign, or the one for Audrey’s but we did have enough help and support from our group, from Social Lites WI and Cottonpolis WI, for us to be able to do a couple of other things.

Like a postbox in front of famous corner shop.

A hanging basket that from a distance almost looks real enough, and makes me wonder how long it will take anyone on the tour to realise.

Maxine’s memorial bench got new floral armrests.

And as we had a square or two leftover, Jane skillfully crocheted together a little bit of bunting.

2015-08-07 09.23.13

Why you may ask? Well, just because really. It looks pretty. It’s art. And it seemed like a good idea at the time, much as our knitted galaxy a couple of years ago for Manchester Science Festival did. 

Also because while those asking us to do it were going to cover the cost of our yarn, we could instead use scraps and leftovers, so that those pounds can go to The Wood Street Mission


As with any form of guerilla knitting, it will stay up as long as possible, until it falls down, or until the decision is made to cut it down. I’m pretty sure we spotted a pigeon eyeing it up as a new nesting spot, so I’m sure he or she won’t mind it being on site for a while.

For now, the sun is shining, visitors are touring and I’m having a lie in tomorrow. 

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With thanks to Diane for the extra images, and to Purple Cow PR for asking us to do the yarnbomb. 

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