World’s Most Expensive Stir Fry?

Chinese New Year is always a time for celebration. 

Not only for gifts, for nods and for our complete bastardisation of the Chinese greeting, but (as I pretty much always think with my tummy) for food.

From the longest noodles you can get your hands on (to symbolise long life), to dumplings shaped like gold bars (prosperity), to chicken served with head and feet attached (prosperity and togetherness). It’s all about celebrating with lots of great food and drink, with family and friends. 

So what better way, if you’re feeling flush and you haven’t cleaned out your bank account with Valentine’s Day, than to celebrate with the World’s most expensive stir fry?

The Sweet Mandarin sisters Lisa and Helen Tse partnered with cookware company Circulon to create the ultimate stir fry. And yes, I was one of the lucky few to get my tastebuds on a little sample – and watch the creation of the dish itself. 




So what goes into this pricey dish? Broken down it includes:

500g Wagyu beef £115.57
Sliced ginger £1.25
Minced garlic £2
Broccoli blanched then stir fried £2
Carrot peeled, cut into rounds and roasted £1
Corn cobettes sliced on an angle. £1.5
1 bottle of Sweet Mandarin hoi sin sauce £4
2 shots of premium whisky (Johnnie Walker) £150
Pinch of salt 3.5p
Drop of sesame oil 3p
Fresh rosemary £1.50
2 small lobster tails £45



Just a little more refined than the usual chicken breast and bag of prepped veg from Aldi on the way home? Or maybe that’s just me.



Of course it tasted incredible. The beef was soft, rich and buttery, the lobster tails sweet and creamy and melt in the mouth, the accompanying rice with black truffle was just a tad moreish and someone had to take the bowl away before it was quietly deposited in my handbag (sure I had no tupperware, but I’m bloody resourceful when I need to be). 



This weekend, I may have a go at something similar at home. If I swap out the Wagyu for a well marbled steak, and the lobster tails for some prawns, I reckon I could still make something to be proud of. And I do have the sauce to make it happen. 

I’ll keep you posted. 

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With thanks to Circulon, and to the Sweet Mandarin ladies – I suspect I’ll be back again for a visit soon!


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