Win a Thomas Dakin Hamper for Christmas 

Oh yes, the Christmas treats keep on rolling. 

And I have just the thing to get you in the Christmas spirit, even if you’re finding it a little challenging this early on. Gin. 

Launched in 2015, Thomas Dakin is a London Dry Gin, named after the man who built what would become Greenalls Distillery in Bridge Street in Warrington in 1761. Warrington at the time was a crossroads to the north. With trade coming in from Liverpool, up from London, and down from Newcastle, and Scotland, it was a useful stop off point – for both cargo and people. 


Stagecoaches travelling between the north and south and would stop at the local inns for a rest, to change horses or even stay overnight. Those travellers, passengers, traders all enjoyed a sip or two of gin. And they also enjoyed a cordial or two. One available at the time provided inspiration for two of the botanicals in Thomas Dakin Gin. During her research, master distiller Joanne Moore, discovered a cordial made of orange and red cole, also known to you and I as horseradish.

The result? A lightly savoury gin, that lends itself to a breadth of flavours. It’s refreshing in a G&T with a slice of orange, and works just as well in a Martini, or a favourite of mine, the Ramos Gin Fizz.

So what better treat for a gin lover this Christmas than a Thomas Dakin Hamper? The hamper includes:



1 x bottle of 70 cl Thomas Dakin Gin 

4 x bottles of Fever Tree Tonic 

1 x Thomas Dakin Apron 

1 x Orange

1 x story of Dakin cocktail book 


Tempted? Entering is easy – all you have to do is:

Comment on this post to tell me who you’d give the gin to. And pop over to their website for a nosey – logging both entries on the widget below. 


 a Rafflecopter giveaway


Good Luck!


Terms and Conditions:

  • This giveaway is open to residents of the United Kingdom only.
  • You must be aged over 18 to enter. 
  • The competition is open from 9 November 2017 and will close at midnight on 23 November 2017, after which the draw will take place and the winners notified (within 24 hours).
  • There are no cash alternatives, or alternative prizes on offer. The decision is final and will be drawn via the Rafflecopter widget. 
  • I will contact the winner by both email and via Twitter as long as both are detailed in the entry comment.
  • You will be disqualified for not fulfilling the instructions, all entries will be checked.


365 thoughts on “Win a Thomas Dakin Hamper for Christmas 

  1. I’d give the Thomas Dakin Gin hamper to my mum because then we both get to try this gin, a double win.

  2. Lovely, I would gift this hamper full of goodies to my mum, she would really enjoy them all. what a treat! 🙂

  3. I’d give the Thomas Dakin Gin hamper to my awesome sister cus she loves unique gin and collects the bottles so thank you for the chance x

  4. My works are having a christmas raffle with the prize being a hamper of donated items so I would donate this!

  5. I would give this gin to Mrs MOFAD, who is a gin explorer. Her latest discovery is Sharish Blue Magic Gin, a bright blue Portuguese gin. The colour comes from extracts of a flower known as blue pea, and when you mix the gin with something, it turns pink…

  6. I would give to MY best mates Mum, Joy loves her gin and she would open right away, so gin for me too. Cheeky.

  7. I’m going to be completely honest here… I’d keep this as a gift to me! Despite working in a brewery I’ve given up alcohol for a whole month to raise money for charity so think I will be ready for a gin by Christmas time!! I would definitely share it though 🙂

  8. I would invite my Warrington friends over to mine as they are all Gin lovers for a get together and share with them

  9. I would give this to my husband to be the night before our wedding as I’m making him a gift box of his favourite things to open the morning of our wedding

  10. Oooh I would selfish and keep it for ourselves! Well it is my hubby’s 40th birthday on Christmas day!!!

  11. I would give this to Lisa, because she’d make light work of it. And I don’t like gin. I might keep the orange though.

  12. Id give this to my sister as shes the biggest gin lover I know…only on the proviso she shares some with me on our boxing day family bash!

  13. My new wife who is only starting out on her GIN JOURNEY , I think the savoury notes would be a winner and if she doesn’t like it I will have to suffer and drink it as I hate waste .

  14. I’d give it to my best friend who has a bit of a thing for gin, I’ve never seen this bottle in her collection!

  15. I’d give this to my work buddy. We always try and get each other ‘different’ gins for gifts. This would be top trumps!

  16. I would absolutely love to win this amazing bottle of Thomas Dakin Gin and I would gift it to my gin loving best friend Lucy that recently moved away to live in Manchester. I would absolutely love to win this competition so I could surprise her with gin when o visit her. Fingers crossed

  17. My sister loves gin ! I would like to win this and give it her for xmas … great prize thanks for the chance x

  18. I’m afraid I would keep it for myself because I’m the gin-lover in this house so would appreciate it most.

  19. I’d share with my gin-drinking feminist uber-geek sister 🙂
    We have many differences, but a love of gin unites us x

  20. I would give this to My Dad. He does not drink a lot, but her really appreciates a good gin, He loves a G&T at Christmas time!

  21. I would give this fabulous hamper to my mum as if it wasn’t for her I would of followed in her footsteps in being a gin drinker

  22. Well I could fib and claim that I intended to give it away or share it. If I am lucky enough to win I shall enjoy every minute I spend drinking it – bliss

  23. I like to think I’d give this away to my neighbour as she loves gin…but so do I, so I’d probably keep it 🙂

  24. We invite our wonderful friends and neighbours around from time to time and we all love a glass of gin and tonic, so there is your answer, cheers!

  25. My husband because he loves gin and I love him. Also, because we’re married, he’d *have* to share with me, it’s basically the law 😉 .

  26. I’d be so tempted to keep this for myself, but will give it to my lovely old Mum who still enjoys a tipple, even though she’s not supposed to!

  27. I would give this gin gift to my mum, she loves a gin tipple. And it would make an amazing present for the best mum in the World.

  28. This would sort hubby’s Christmas present out! He’s just recently started drinking gin over the last few months and enjoys trying new ones out.

  29. I’d keep it for the family to share at Christmas – we have just recently discovered that we like gin!

  30. This will go to my brother’s partner, who loves gin and is usually quite difficult to buy for so it would be a real win-win!

  31. Such a fabulous present (so much better than a bottle on its own) will go to my fabulous husband and he would think I am fabulous too.

  32. I’d love to gift this to my sister as she absolutely loves gin and is always looking for different brands to try

  33. Omg my partner and I have only just recently been converted to gin – now we love it! Fingers crossed

  34. I give this to my sister in law – she loves Gin, plus we’re at hers for Christmas so would be a lovely gift

  35. I would keep it for myself to help get me through those cold winter evenings. But I would share it. Possibly.

  36. I would give this to my mum who loves a good drop of gin 🙂 Pretty sure she’d let me have a glass or two!

  37. I’d give this to my best friend, Abby, as she’s a bit of a gin fan and was already planning getting/making her a gin hamper for Christmas thus year!

  38. If I have to give it away I’d give it to my daughter Meg (but I’d be tempted to keep it for myself).

  39. I’d be tempted to keep it for myself but my dad is a huge gin drinker so more likely I would keep it for him for christmas

  40. I’d love to gift this my mum for Christmas if I was lucky enough. She’d be over the moon and loves gin xx

  41. id gift it to my amazing mum who is partial to a nice Gin and Tonic, and because shes my mum so i dont need an excuse to treat her but this would be an amazing prize to win thanks for the chance, fingers crossed for me but good luck to everyone.

  42. I’d share with my wonderful fiance Mark awww. He works so hard to look after us all and deserves a treat.

  43. Everybody loves gin at the moment so I would have to toss a coin who I would treat to this lovely prize, and hopefully whoever I choose would be willing to share with me

  44. The lady I work with, Louise is a gin connoisseur / fanatic.. whichever fits best with someone who likes a gin!

  45. I’d give it to my daughter. I’m always so busy at work around Christmas and she decorates my house and tidies up so I can relax when I get home. She loves gin!

  46. Since no one in the family needs it, I would give it to myself as an early birthday present and then I can offer it to neighbours and friends who are popping in

  47. Id give this hamper to me as its far too nice to give away…i would share it though but only with people who would appreciate the quality though

  48. My Mum – doesn’t drink much but she drinks gin when she does. Although admittedly I tried gin martini and it was lovely.

  49. I would gift it to my hubby he would love it and I’m sure he would happily share few glasses with me xxx ☃️

  50. definatly my mom, she loves a little gin. she even made little bottles ogf homemade gin for her wedding favours last year x

  51. My mother is the queen bee of gin drinking and I’d love to treat her to this for all her love and support to help me survive domestic abuse! #lovemymum #alwaysandforever

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