Valentines Mates Dates at Selfridges

OK, so I know, I don’t really ‘do’ Valentine’s day, but I’m not anti-Valentine’s exactly.

From a romantic perspective, I’d much rather that Mr GFB and I remember each other throughout the year. And it’s the little things that show you care. A bunch of daffodils, just because. Cooking dinner when you know it’s your other half’s turn, but they’ve had a shitty day and need a little TLC. 

And it should be the same with our friends – but even I’ll admit that Valentine’s Day can be a little prompt. We all get bogged down in reality and the day to day. Deadlines and meetings, and to-do lists. And if we’re not careful, it can mean the good stuff, the people we love, and even ourselves can be shoved a little to one side. 

So this year I’ve used Valentine’s Day for a mate date. 

And it was the perfect excuse. My date for the day, Cheryl, had just completed a big event, survived the inevitable event ‘hangover’ (that feeling of exhaustion that hits when you know a big project is done and you can finally breathe – at least until the next one at least) and was out the other side, and into normality.

Our plan for the day? An afternoon of lip indulgence at Urban Decay in Selfridges, playing with their Vice Lips range. 


Selfridges have been offering a range of Mate Date fun – with masterclasses at Clarins, Tom Ford, Dior,  Giorgio Armani, Roja Dove, Bobbi Brown, MAC *inhales* Lancome, Charlotte Tilbury, YSL, NARS, Urban Decay and Illamasqua. I was a little late to the party and missed the full masterclasses, but Uban Decay (amongst others) offer mates dates all year round, so it’s not just for Valentines. Stop by, book in and treat yourself. They’re free and you don’t have to spend at the end, though if it’s anything like the fun we had, you’ll be hard pressed not to.


Sophie was on hand to not only give us the full background on the Vice range, but also the lowdown on each style of lip. From the vintage style very matt Mega Matt, to the Comfort Matt (still a matt effect, but with great moisture), through Cream Vice (a creamy rich moisturised lip), Metallized Vice (like Cream Vice but with a metallic tint) into Sheer Shimmer and Sheer Vice – lighter barely there colours. 

After an old fashioned swatching session, we returned to the stand where over 100 lip colours – including some Selfridges exclusives – vied for our attention. 

We both picked a colour we were comfortable with, one that was a little different and one completely wild choice. And yes, you know me, there wasn’t a nude in sight.

My first was a Selfridges exclusive colour. Despite actually probably owning three similar colours, I’m still drawn immediately to a strong orange and this matt beauty, Crash, called to me like a siren. 

Though it’s bright, and for many would be a colour that was ‘out there’ for them, this for me, is actually quite, er, everyday. 

Number two, really was outside my comfort zone.

Oh yes, we went there. A colour that almost matches my eyes, and I must admit, I rather love. 

Sophie even added a little Moondust eyeshadow onto the lip to give it a little more oomph. Because what needs more oomph that a green lip? Junkie was another exclusive Selfridges colour and one I really am considering purchasing. Roll on payday.

My final colour actually wasn’t all that unusual for me, but given we’d already done green, and I swear Sophie saw me quietly eyeing it up, next we went all fuchsia.

Crank is another full on Mega Matt lip that I adored, a strong, bright pink. And how well do these lips last?

This is me post gym session. Yes, the lipstick is still there, even 2 hours later, after a full legs session and circuit. 

We loved our date at Selfridges and both came away with colours that we’d never tried before, but are putting firmly on our shopping lists – though we may just wait until we’ve stopped in for the brand new Vice Liquid Lips that are winging their way to the stores now.

After all, it’s an excuse for another mate date. 

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With huge thanks to Selfridges for coordinating for us, and for Sophie and Urban Decay for letting us play! 

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