Thrifty Living with GiffGaff

It’s easy to lose track of your spending. And your budget. And your debt.

I speak from experience. 

I’ve never been brilliant with money. I’m generous (possibly to a fault) with both my time and my funds. 

But I have learned from those mistakes, and some of those mistakes are perhaps better than others. I bought my flat at 21 and lived hand to mouth for a while. That said in a world where few will get to own their own place going forward, I’ll consider that a win. I’ve learned the hard way to be open about spending, about debt, about owning your spending – no hiding bags of things I’ve bought in the wardrobe and feigning innnocence. 

Recognising that it’s your money. It’s your spending. It’s your debt. It’s your problem (though there is no shame in asking for help). And it isn’t as scary as you think. 

Yes, I’m almost a grown up. Adulting at it’s finest.

Well except for when I spotted those shoes I wanted and just whacked them on the credit card. Maybe not then. 

It’s perhaps no wonder that when at the recent GiffGaff thrifty workshop, I won the dinky bottle of fizz on monetary terms and their impact on your credit score. 




The event was to launch GiffGaff’s new Gameplan – after changing the mobile phone market, they want to change the way we manage our finances. From a free credit report, so you can check on your status, to credit card balance transfer options (with no direct applications so it won’t hit your credit report), to more general help on budgeting and managing your money, it’s all done with zero judgement – so if you live paycheck to paycheck, or are totally financially solvent, there’s no bias. 

Held at The Principal on Oxford Road, it was a day spent looking at different ways small things can impact your budget. From a clothes swap, to a vegan cooking lesson from Herb and Spice, it was all tailored around our finances. 

Even the craft element of the day with Tea and Crafting had us re-purposing t-shirt fabric and turning it into a bespoke piece of jewellery. Perfect for gifting, or just so you can avoid chucking things in the bin. I have an old race t-shirt or two that would be perfect for this. 


I cannot confirm or deny that this may be everyone’s Christmas present this year. 

Whatever your financial situation, the site looks great and there’s no direct cost involved. So if you want to take control of your finances, and learn from the mistakes of others points to self then it’s worth looking at. 

What have you got to lose? 


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