The Thrift Shop

This blog post has been a very long time coming.

I’d like to claim selfishness (I love this place so much I don’t really want to share), laziness (finishing it has been in my to do list for a long time) and diary issues – I was hoping to have another model to play with, but we’ve not managed to make it work. 

So, here we are. Let me introduce you to The Thrift Shop. It used to be a sort of tourist information centre on Piccadilly Plaza. It’s now home to secondhand fashion – from 80’s power dressing, to 90’s t-shirts, designer pretties, to cheap and cheerful pieces that have lasted the test of time, 50’s ball gowns to 70’s bridesmaids dresses. And everything in between.

It’s a place you can find a bargain, if you have patience and can look hard enough – yes even into plus sizes, as you’ll see, but first I had a little fun with a couple of friends – Jess and Kirsten – who played model as I hunted out some spectacular bits and pieces. I wanted to show you the variety of stuff you can find – whether vintage is your thing or not – because with dresses as cheap as two for £10, for me, it’s always worth a visit. 

My first model was Jess. Yes, she’s petite and slender, so is going to always have an easier time of it than me when shopping for vintage. But that just gave me an excuse to have a little fun.

We tried out a little 90’s Spice Girl number…

2015-08-14 16.29.33


Something a little more floral….


2015-08-14 16.49.20


And something distinctly more 80’s rock chick…


2015-08-14 16.37.36


You can’t beat a pair of leather trousers, and gold boots.

Kirsten is taller, with a slightly curvier frame, so she again had a good number of options – although convincing her to wear colours was a little more of a challenge. (Can I just say how weird it sounds saying this? Kirsten is Kirsten and Jess is Jess. It seems odd.)

So we went from a casual textured top…


2015-08-26 17.03.39


To something altogether brighter…..


2015-08-26 17.24.09


To something a little more for the office.


2015-08-26 17.13.06


Through to perhaps my favourite outfit she has ever worn ever. I think she called this her ‘Super Mario Bros’ outfit. 


2015-08-26 17.20.08


I love this!

She did, however disagree and everything went back on the rails – except for the red dress, which did end up going home with her. I’ll take a little victory.

Onto me. So my frame is an averaged sized 5’4″ in height, and I’m a 16-18 (more 18 currently, but a broken foot will do that to a girl). And no, I wasn’t short of an outfit or two.

A 1980’s shirt dress that is a polycotton blend, so never needs to see an iron to look good.



To a simple tunic dress which I wear over leggings….


2015-08-14 16.05.14


A 1980’s secretary style maxi dress that is generous enough to fit a size 18/20….


To a late 1970’s number that just screams disco! 




And it’s not all for the ladies. Chaps, if you love a vintage suit, double denim, or even just need a t-shirt for the gym, there are bargains to be had. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to convince any of the men in my life to model for me. Oddly everyone immediately became busy when it was mentioned. 

2015-08-14 16.04.25


If you want to grab from the rail and go, this might not be the place for you. But if like me, part of the thrill is in the chase, then you are going to love The Thrift Shop.

Hmm. I think I’m overdue a visit. 



With thanks to The Thrift Shop for letting us come in and play dress up! Anything we wanted to keep was bought and paid for by ourselves. Everything else, put back on the shelves. 

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