The Gintlemen, Adrian: Tequila loving… Happened so fast

I often get invites to fabulous events, that I simply can’t go to. This week Adrian and his lovely wife stepped in and drank a little – you know, on my behalf. 

Being a cinema buff the opportunity to see one of the finest classic films of our generation, in a field in Cheshire, at night, with tequila – well who would turn that offer down?

Sadly they were not showing any classic in my books> One for the Pink Ladies and T-Birds, Grease.

I had already seen it already. Admittedly in 1978, after a 3 hour queue and that may have been enough. But no, when mentioned to the wife, the spur of the moment date night became a reality. In fact she was even ready on time, slinking down the stairs in fetching outfit. Imagine her joy when I said – ‘it’s outside, in a field and we need chairs and blankets!’



One slight huff later we arrived, guests of Patrón Tequila, who had brought along their American streamline cocktail caravan with a menu of cocktails to ease the pain of even Sandra D!

Starting alphabetically at the top with Manchester inspired concoction by Anthony Hogan of Epernay, we were treated to a tantalising tour of taste – via the Hacienda, the Paloma and the Mule. Experiencing the liquor without the need for salt, lime, lemon, or slamming. Then once the film had started, I returned to the caravan, and was given a full lesson in the Mexican spirit. This included a taste test neat of the 3 key brands, and as a special treat, a taste of the Gran Patrón Burdeous Anejo Tequila. Quite a mouthful, and at £400 plus a bottle one you won’t want to spit out.



The hospitality was great, full of knowledge and two expert cocktail makers on hand. I almost forgot there was a film on, until I heard the closing song, when I returned to the good lady who, despite my absence, was enjoying the sing along.

Luna Cinema, and their food partners put on a great show, with an audience larger than I see on my many cinema trips, a good night was had by all.


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