The Gintlemen, Lee: Growing up Poor (ish)

This week Lee gets a little poetic.

You never go hungry
But you don’t eat well

You go on holidays
But you never travel abroad

You have lots of things
But you own nothing of value

You know people that work
But it’s never a career

Your home is filled with music
But it’s from the neighbour’s stereo

You’re told to dislike the rich
But everybody strives to imitate them

Your street echoes to the sound of fast cars
But it’s just slow cars being driven too fast

You watch the latest movies
But it’s on a pirate DVD

You call your house your home
But you’re always going to rent

Your friends stay out till late
But you know it’s because some are scared to go home

You get very good at energy conservation
But only because there’s never more than £10 on the meter

Your cupboards are never empty
But no two plates are from the same set

You know Downing Street is important
But you know more about Coronation Street

You’re never cold in a terrace
But you know better than to put two radiators on

You have friends who are middle class
But sometimes you wish you didn’t

You get weirdly good at weight distribution ratios
But you need to, carrying food shopping to and from the bus

You’ve never been in trouble with the police
But you’ve visited family in prison

You know people who are bi-lingual
But they run the corner shop

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