The Gintlemen, John: Training

Sometimes we find our own motivation, sometimes something else kicks our butts into gear. This week for John, it’s the latter. 

I know I’ve been quite on here, the whole two feet of snow thing really set me back in my health quest and then something else happened, I had a wee turn.

I had been out at a whisky thing and I’d had a few drinks, which is actually pretty rare for me, and then I dashed back to my sister in law’s for the tail end of a birthday party and ate my own body weight in party food, really really good party food, and then went home, but the cold the food, the really nice food, and too much booze and my legs just gave way under me, my whole body hurt.
The next day I was shattered, in fact I was shattered for two days.
And that was my alarm call.
I had decided to do something anyway but then I had also noticed a Kickboxing gym was opening up just ten minutes walk from my home, what was there to lose? The first week for anyone is free at Braveheart Martial Arts in Baillieston Glasgow, so I thought, fuck it, let’s do this.
I’ve now done three classes, I do Monday and Wednesday and to say my body is now pretty much sore all the time is an understatement. I remember when I started Muay Thai years ago and that was the same.
The training is hardcore, a solid fifteen to twenty minutes of cardio and stretching before pad drills and then more cardio blasts and a wee stretch off, because I’ve done so much training the boxing work is where I do okay but the kicks are different to Muay Thai kicks so that’s a learning curve which I’m really enjoying, the instructors are brilliant too, really laid back, most of the people training are pretty new to martial arts/combat sports and it’s important to create a relaxed environment, I’ve trained in places before full of pumped up guys all taking themselves far too seriously and joyless instructors, this is exactly the right balance of hard training and decent attitudes.
Watch this space, I’m hoping my twice a week doing this will sort my aching body out after about six weeks and then I can really start getting the most from my training.
The Captain. 

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