The Gintlemen, John: Diets and stuff

This week, John echoes my own thoughts about a word that starts with ‘die’. 

Diets don’t work, I once lost three stone on Slimming World, came off it because it’s actually very expensive to stay on it long term and piled it all back on, plus dieting doesn’t actually address any of the problems which lead people like me to comfort eat themselves into the size of a small bungalow. 

However we all have a diet and my diet wasn’t brilliant.

Training is helping me get fitter and stronger but until a few weeks ago I wasn’t really seeing weight loss, and then I changed my diet.

I don’t need quick fixes so a rapid weight loss probably wouldn’t suit me anyway but I’ve now cut out bread and reduced my pasta and potato intake to a couple of times a week.

The bread thing is a nightmare, bread is lovely for a start but it’s also very convenient, when you work and have a family the option to fling some bread in the toaster or make a quick sandwich for work is just too tempting and I still struggle to find food that fills me up and I enjoy, nothing will beat bread but I’ve come to see salads with meat, peppers and red onion as an alternative that at least gives me a boost, plus the soup at work is only £1.10 for staff and helps fill that hole.

Potatoes and pasta are another nightmare void to fill. Rice is okay and cous cous if well seasoned works but I’ve really gotten into Quinoa, lentils and pearl barley all fill you up, don’t cost the Earth (Quinoa is mixed with other things to bulk it out) and are easily seasoned.

I’ve now started to notice clothes are loosening around my belly, this is the main thing for me, getting rid of my tummy, I don’t like it and don’t want it and it’s going, slowly but surely.

Anyway, that’s me been at training for around two months now and I’m also starting to notice my technique improving. As a long time student of Muay Thai I assumed, wrongly, that Kickboxing would be a doddle, there are no knees, clinching and elbows to worry about but then it’s also faster, the kicking is simply different but now, just, I’m starting to change my positions, learning the new techniques and putting them into practice whilst sparring, don’t get me wrong, I still employ Muay Thai techniques to get me out of a hole when I’m on my arse and trying to breathe out my ears but I’m getting their.

My feet hurt though, but more of that another time.

Thanks to Braveheart Martial Arts Club and please if you’re in or around Glasgow why not come by and try it out? All are welcome and first week is free so what have you got to lose? 

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