The Gintlemen, Ben: Product Review with Charles Tyrwhitt

This week Ben gets a bit shirty in his latest product review. 

Charles Tyrwhitt are one of the leading shirt companies in the UK, sending their message far and wide about the merits of a well cut item and the respect and confidence that comes with carrying a good collar. Every time I look (or my cookies tell me: hello 2018!), there seems to be a sale on: the news flash seems to be that smartness and style are affordable traits, and not exclusively the reserve of the upper class prawn sandwich brigade.


Having not bought from them for a while, I thought I’d give it a go (just for your benefit…) The website is a thing of utter joy and brilliance. You can set a filter to just include your size and the style you’re looking for: it saves so much time wading through stuff you don’t want. You can zoom in on all the materials. You can customise everything from cuff to sleeve length. There are several different cuts from classic (the most generous) through to several slimmer options.

Being still a larger guy despite my gradually shrinking waistline, I went for the slim fit (one size slimmer than the classic), hoping it would give some shape without being too much like wrapping myself in clingfilm. I was utterly delighted. The shirt arrived promptly after I ordered it. The size delivered matched the size chart online (I took a 16.5 slim fit, if you’re interested). Everything feels of a good quality. One extra benefit is that, after a ten minute hang, the shirt is effectively good to wear out of the bag! Excellent for those last minute emergencies/fashion breakdowns!

As mentioned before, there is nearly always a sale on; nearly always a multi-save option. Do it. Spend £80 on four shirts and transform your wardrobe in one fell swoop. Short of bespoke tailoring (which is amazing but often, sadly, unnecessarily and prohibitively expensive) this is the best option you will find on the high street.

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This item was provided for review. It’s plain to see that Ben’s a bit of a fan, and now I need to go shirt shopping for Mr GFB. 

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