The Gintlemen, Adrian: Naked

This week, Adrian gets a little… Well everything off his chest. 

James Arthur sings “I’m standing here naked” – so I’m there thinking to myself, what does that mean? Stripped bare with nothing to hide behind, for  all the world to see flaws and all?

I decide to take a photo, much hilarity ensues as nobody in the house can be coerced into helping out, bathroom door locked, timer set, I get the shot, TW Nudity!

Naked I stand bare to the world, I Adrian Gareth Weeden, aged 49 and 3/4, in my life I have been many things to many people. Some good some not so good and some bad, some really bad, I’m not looking to atone for my misdeeds, and I accept any criticism that’s due.
 In my 50th year I have decided that I need to make some changes, to alter or attempt to alter both physically and mentally so I can embrace my next half century with a revived focus on the important. While being many things to others, I have moved the focus away from myself, and now is a time to grab hold of those loose ends and tie them up before  they drift.

I am not ashamed of what I see when I look at myself above, the additions and subtractions of various bits and bobs make me who I am, I am actually quite proud of the way I project myself, changes in work environments and a new passion for a job that I actually enjoy have helped boost my confidence, I would like to be more confident, I would love to gaze at the pic above and think Wow, but that’s not in my grasp yet, so I’m hoping to post more photos in
 the months to come, as a journal of progress, maybe I might even smile in one!

You are all welcome to join me on this adventure, I know what I need to do, I know how to do it, and by goodness if I don’t I will be kicking myself, you are also welcome to gently kick me if I appear to be slacking.
So Step one get this blog published!


Adrian Weeden Official randomizer to the royal family of Burkina Faso.

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