The Gintlemen, Adrian: Naked Part 2

Adrian once again lays himself bare – and talks about plans for the future.

So, last time I laid myself bare, and spoke about changes that I wanted to make in my life.
So this time I’m going to talk about running.

Oh and I’m naked again!

Of all the medals I have collected at the end of runs the two adorning my neck right now are the most treasured, completing my first and second full marathons was an amazingly special achievement, to see the look of pride in my family’s eyes at the end of my first, and even the nobody could be bothered at the end of my second fill me with pride.

This year I missed out, mostly due to lack of entrance fee, partly down to my wavering mental health, that’s the thing I find when it’s about getting out there. It’s far too easy to just not do it, than it is to do it.

Hoping now the darkest days of my depression are behind me, I have already signed up for Manchester next year, and even entered the ballot for London.  I genuinely don’t think I will get into the VLM as I have tried for years, but at least I will have one more under my belt.
 It’s a long way 26.2 miles, but I have passed the grade twice, my mind is a wonderful tool at times, I remember joking with people in beer gardens as I plodded along, smiling all the way, I was fine until I sat down in a bar myself at the end!

I’m going to make sure I put in all the training I can, make sure I’m at the peak of my ability, because as shown just recently with the sad passing of Matt Campbell, the toll on the body is immense. 
I had the pleasure of working with Matt through my role at The Real Junk Food restaurant in Manchester, I was taken aback by his passion for food, running and more. I hope to be able to carry some of that in my own toolkit come April the 7th next year.

So as I asked in my first blog, please join me in pushing me out of the door, plodding the Salford streets, and joining the less than 2% of the worlds population that have succeeded in more than one.


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