The Gintlemen, Adrian: Dating Disasters

In this week’s Gintlemen post, Adrian makes me very thankful that I’m an old married! 


*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

In 2003 when I finally separated from my first wife, I tried to do something I hadn’t in my teens. I tried to be a stud muffin.

It was at the early dawn of dating websites, chatrooms were in their ascendancy, or you could pay to use an introduction agency.

That was great, until it turned out you had to introduce yourself. I met 3 people who’s idea of a Prince Charming wasn’t me, and they weren’t shy about letting me know!

I have been speed dating, which resulted in more complaints about the organic range in the supermarket I worked in than matches.

I’ve used the dating algorithm of a famous site – to not get one response, and ended up getting booted off by angry admin after posting a warts-and-all profile.

Blind dates where my proposed love interest headed off into the sunset with someone before we had met.

I dread to think what Tinder would make of me.

It gets worse. I was catfished by the mother of the potential love-match I thought I was as talking too. Pictures sent to my house, card left on my car.

I lapped up the attention like a little puppy.

Until those immortal words “there’s something I need to confess”.

We met for the confessing, I owed myself that, and we got on until it transpired she was married – and the ultimate statement ‘do you really think somebody like my daughter would be interested in you’?


But why not? I have a great personality, I’m a good dad, hard working, what’s not to love ❤️ 



Like a trooper though I carried on my search, and oddly just as the large Hadron Collider was switched on, I finally met my match. I’m still unsure if the two are linked, but 9 years later we are still together, married and making our futures together. It’s not always a smooth ride. It must be love – I mean What’s not to… Oh wait, I already said that!

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