The Gintlemen, Adrian: Date Night

In this week’s Gintlemen post, Adrian gets all romantic. Kind of.


Not a lot strikes fear into me, but I’m sure like many men when their spouses say “it’s your turn to organise date night” and couple that with “don’t forget it’s our anniversary” I go a whiter shade of pale. Our first date, of which this is the 9th anniversary, was at Chester Zoo. Most years it’s easy, let’s hop in the car and revisit where we spent our first few hours together.

But it happens to be a Friday, and we are both working, so a bag of chips on the empty car park it isn’t going to be.

My wife, bless her, doesn’t like many of the things I do, food with strong flavour, cocktails on fire, anything fun – only kidding Bel!

(It’s OK she doesn’t read these).

So under pressure I set about a frantic search to surprise her – did i mention she dislikes surprises? After several fruitless searches of anything remotely suitable I happened upon Indeedy Musical Bingo. Seemed like fun, she loves music, as long as I didn’t mention the street food provided by not another pop up, and the fact it was held in a craft beer taproom at Unit 101 I would be fine!



I kept it a secret until the Thursday, she was pestering me over what to wear, I said dress down, she frowned…

Off we popped, welcomed into the venue by the hosts, dressed in a green sequin catsuit, ably supported by two shell suited ‘grannies’ a nod to bingos most fervent fans.

Bingo burgers consumed, beers in hand, we sat, and scanned our song sheet – for here is the twist. It’s not numbers but songs you are looking for.



To ensure we were ready there was an aerobic warm up, then ears up eyes down we were go. Same rules: lines, house etc, with crazy prizes – including a Princess Leia wig, hotdog costume and 5ft inflatable dinosaur. It was manic, loud, and entertaining.



By the middle of the second round most people were off their seats and dancing. Multiple winners were whittled down through lip sync battles and dance offs – a mystery box was offered up as an alternative choice but not always a better one, and in a flash it was over.

Judging by the reactions of those assembled they, as we, had enjoyed themselves fully. I had a sore throat from singing along, the wife had eaten 2 burgers despite them being pink in the middle.

Well done to pink mustard entertainment for introducing this to the city, it will go down well.


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