The Gintlemen, Adrian: Birthday Surprise!

This week, Adrian gets something a little unexpected! 

So, I turned 50 in June, my first half century in anything!

I’d asked the wife for a few different things, and obviously used the words “oh surprise me” in conversation somewhere, as 3 days after the big day I was presented with a positive pregnancy test, and the realisation began to sink in.

Now I obviously understand the hows and why’s of the conception, but as a man who had been concerned over which free life assurance gift was the best option, the gift of a new life itself was somewhat confusing, no longer was I to be awaiting the latest screwfix catalogue, but instead discussing the merits of 3 wheels over 4 on a combi -pram!

Obviously I asked the question…” are you kidding”

But as my beloved wife’s waistband expands it’s obvious that she isn’t the joking type, scan was attended, even sure I got a cheeky wave off the womb incumbent, and when we heard the heart beat I must confess I shed a tear or two. Things seem to have changed since my first package from the storks 23 years ago, is all the knowledge I amassed in 1995 going to be valid in 2019! Only one way of finding out I suppose, and that’s by treading the parenting tightrope.

Consigned to looking at practical vehicles, sensible technologies and baby safe constructions, it appears the pipe and slippers year 50 is completely out of the window,  one thing we are going to be traditional about is the gender, this will not be known until the day of birth, my wife is already convinced she knows, me I’m not bothered, the first Stoke City kit is unisex, and that’s all that matters!

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