The Gift Guide 2017: Drink

Ahh. My favourite gift guide. 

This is for the boozers out there – whether you’re an occasional tippler, or indulge a little more often. 

The easiest options are of course the gift sets. Whether a whisky fan, or into beer, gin or rum, these are the most accessible (most supermarkets have them). 


But sometimes we want to get something different, something a little more tailored, or even something a little cheaper. So I’ve got a few favourites to show you, as well as all the others on my Pinterest board. As I get more suggestions, or get emails with more recommendations, I’ll add to the board, so you have plenty of options and inspiration. 



For the fizz drinkers, I can completely and utterly recommend the Avina stopper. It’s just bloody brilliant. We took a bottle of Aldi Champagne with us away for a long weekend and somehow managed to only drink half. The stopper is not only completely watertight, it kept the booze fizzy, for over a week! At £12.99, bit of a bargain.



For something else perfect for secret Santa, or a stocking filler, Pinkster Boozy Berries, or their Gin Jam. Simple, tasty, and a little treat for a gin lover. 

Back to fizz and cocktails, the Pop a Ball bubbles for prosecco, another great stocking filler, or pairing with a bottle of fizz for something a bit bigger. 



My final lower price suggestion gift is the Mail a Martini from Burleighs Gin. There are few things I can imagine more blissful than finding a Martini literally on my doormat when I get in. And you can treat someone for just £10. 

For those thinking of a little DIY, Beer Hawk have a simple home brew kit, and there’s always the Homemade Gin Kit.



For the big spenders, there’s always Gin Schools. I’ve done these a few times now and am still addicted. Manchester Three Rivers, Nelsons GinThe Ginstitute, 45 Gin School all offer gin making fun. Drink gin, make gin, take gin home. What’s not to love?

And for something truly theirs visit Vinegar & Brown Paper. I own a ‘Mother’s Ruin’ gin decanter and it’s still one of my favourite gifts (to myself). 

Of course if you have any more suggestions, please let me know – and I’ll add them to the Pinterest board! 

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