The Curve Fashion Festival 2018

The Curve Fashion Festival is a bit of a plus size fashion staple – I’ve been every year since it launched, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. 

It’s an opportunity for fashion lovers, and bloggers like me (and those influencers far more fashion heavy than me) to meet each other, meet new brands and have a good old nosey at what’s coming over the next season or so. 

It’s also, obviously, a chance to dress up, which I embraced heartily. 

In line with my previous musings over fashion and sustainability, I went with items I will wear over and over again, and this year pretty much everything was from Simply Be. 



As a bit of a colour bunny, I get frustrated with autumn and winter. When the shop windows and online are full of blacks, browns and dark colours. I’m no stranger to black on occasion (I have it on today, for example) but wherever and whenever possible, I want brights, and shades of colour. I want to pair creams with soft greens, burnt umbers and wine, and I want to pair deep blues with mustard yellows and shades of paprika. And this year Simply Be had all the brights. 

From my boots (wide calf fittings and wide foot fittings are available, even in this bright suede) to my cobalt blue fluff that looked like I had somehow skinned Cookie Monster (and they also have in a paprika to match my boots which may require further investment). Then the dress, which is a style I have already in a colour more akin to a spring blue sky, but this softer blue design with birds of paradise, earned me compliments all day. On my legs were a pair of 80 denier Snag Tights (watch out for a full review of those in the next few weeks) in mustard. Finished with my glasses from Zeelool, and a blue belt from eBay – I was done.



The event this year was held at St George’s Hall – close to the train station, making it super easy to find, but not without it’s complications. Ignoring the little niggles – cobbles on the way in, whilst you weaved through the Christmas markets to get there, made it a challenge, the space it was hosted in was distinctly smaller than the exhibition centre of previous years, meaning it was tight. Even as a small fat, there was a continuous chorus of ‘excuse me’, ‘can I just’ and a lot of patient waiting. I can only imagine how frustrating it must have been for those who are larger, had buggies, or mobility issues. 

And it was hot. Standing talking to someone you’d really like to make a good impression on, fully aware of your sweat moustache, and the tickle of it between your shoulder blades. 

It also tried your patience. Queues to just get into stands to see stuff were frustrating, cramped and the number of stands I walked away from without even being able to have a look, was numerous – not what I want to experience when I’m potentially there to spend a few quid. 



For all that, it was still a great event. Though we didn’t make it upstairs to the fashion shows, we bumped into friends old and new, had our own piece of artwork created by the bloody fabulous Dom & Ink over at the Papaya Curve stand, and I ordered possibly the ultimate sports bra from Boobydoo (I’ll keep you posted).


Katharine had her annual selfie with Felicity Hayward, had a catch up with the gorgeous What Laura Loves, and had her hair primped by the team at Very (while I ogled the sequinned selection on their rails). 

More importantly the team behind The Curve Fashion Festival have listened to feedback about the venue and it’s limitations, and have confirmed that next year it will be hosted somewhere else, taking care of the issues concerning space and accessibility. So in light of that…. Who fancies it next year?


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All items of clothing in this post were paid for by myself, with no discount or incentive from Simply Be. 


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