The Curve Fashion Festival 2017

It’s one of the biggest plus size fashion events of the year. Coinciding beautifully as it did with New York Fashion Week Plus, there was no escaping plus size fashion either side of the globe.

And let’s face it, why would you? 

It’s still one of the most inclusive areas of fashion that exist (though some of you still need to work at it, eh Boohoo?)

Now in it’s third year, The Curve Fashion Festival promised to be bigger and better than ever. More brands, more models, more visitors.

And it delivered. 

We had Tess Holliday, the utterly gorgeous Olivia Curvy Campbell, Hayley Hasselhoff back, strutting the catwalk, and of course Megan Jayne Crabbe aka Bodyposipanda. (Whatever your size or gender, if you’re human and exist, read her book).

But first, me and my date had to get there. 



Given my incessant need to be late for everything, it was a challenge, but by magic, we hit the same train from two different stations and laden with breakfast (obviously) we sped towards Liverpool. 

Where a torrential downpour awaited us and instead of strolling fashionably down to the venue, we hopped in a cab. We didn’t plan for rain.

What I had selected to wear was at odds with the weather. I’m tired of grey and in september the black dresses, browns and greys are coming back out of the wardrobe. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not a fan of being the fat bird in a black dress. So out came the colour.



Shoes in the sale from New Look via Lyst (you can get some similar shoes via this link, but the slingbacks have sold out), dress from Wallis via eBay, and jacket thanks to Very and their plus size section. Simple, but it did get me in a local paper!

We arrived, and dove in, head first. 

Well cake first. 



One of the best things about a plus size event, is that food is not a bad word. Nor are fat rolls, back fat, visible tummies, boobs, stretch marks, wobble – it’s the one place, the one event where as a fat person you can almost literally let it all hang out. Even if in day to day life you wouldn’t dream of wearing something clingy or sexy for fear of fatphobia, here you can. You can be you. All of you. 

Which is probably why the ‘waist training’ (note, this isn’t a thing) stand wasn’t overly busy. Wrong audience. 

What was popular was, well, everything else. The catwalk offered hints as to the Autumn Winter collection, including Debenhams (who didn’t have a physical stand which was a shame as I WANT the mustard jacket please thank you), moreVery (that green pattern shift dress please), Viva Voluptuous lingerie (just everything) and Plus Equals (sequins, all the sequins). 


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Imagine being in a giant dressing up box. And you’re kind of close.

For me, there were too many favourites pieces to count. But I’ve tried to cover some of them.



If you like colour for autumn and winter with a vintage edge, then Lindy Bop have some fantastic pieces coming – pussy bow blouses, shift dresses in brights, and enough autumnal shades to make this redhead plan an entirely new wardrobe. If the pennies allow. 



Felicity Hayward and Self Love Brings Beauty did just that. Such an inspiring collection, and gorgeous lady. 



Work Your Curves – oh where to start?? I may have picked up the yellow dress most visible in this image, and Katharine bought a jumpsuit and immediately changed into it. Brights, unusual designs – if you like something a bit different then you want these ladies….



Or these ones. Plus Equals has a little pop art meets nineties/noughties clubbing edge thing going on, filled with sequins, prints and all the colours. I can get away with this for work, right?



Very, New Look and Viva Voluptuous brought the underwear. And from the latter, a promise of more colours to come. I may well start dropping hints to good old Santa Claus now.



As a gym bunny, OBD Clothing, State of Mind Active and the ever quirky Nicky Rockets were on my hit list too. Slogan tshirts, and vests, bright gym leggings – there’s never any chance of missing me in the gym. 

And whilst this by no means covers everything there (I need all the things), I’m going to end with the gents.


Bad Rhino and River Island and BoohooMAN (see Boohoo, you can use plus size models) were there to show of the plus size fashion for the gents.

About damn time. 


More, more, more next year please?


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