Tassimo Coffee Machine Giveaway with Argos

I love coffee. I’d happily describe myself as an addict. I have a cafetiere at work and at home and at both enough coffee too sink a battleship. Probably.

I also like it strong. Strong enough to stand a spoon up in. In fact in the days when I used to drink instant, I was known as ‘two scoops’ as I put so much in my mug.

I’m lucky enough as well to be able to share this love of coffee with you lot. No, not in reviewing a place or brand, this time I get to give away a coffee machine. Pretty fantastic huh?

Unsurprisingly, Argos do a wide selection of Tassimo coffee machines and it’s one of these lovelies I get to give away this one to be specific – worth Β£99.99 – I only wish I could enter myself!


coffee machine


So without further ado




You lot know I like to keep things simple, so simply comment below to be in with a chance to enter. That’s it. No faff, no fuss.


Terms and Conditions:
1. This giveaway is open to residents of the United Kingdom only.
2. You must be aged over 16 or have the permission of your parent or guardian to enter.
3. The giveaway is open from 14 October 2013 and will close at 12:00pm, Tuesday 29 October 2013.  The draw will then take place and the winner notified (within 24 hours).
4. The winner will be picked at random (via random.org).
5. Delivery will be within 28 days of Argos receiving the winner’s address, and the competition prize may vary at the discretion of Argos
6. The prize will be supplied direct from Argos, and there is no cash alternative
7. If the winner does not respond to contact within 28 days I reserve the right to redraw.
8. I will contact the winner by both email and via twitter if the twitter handle is detailed in the entry comment.



The item has been offered to me to give away to my followers/readers. I have not reviewed this item, received one of these items to review, nor have I received any payment to offer this item to you.


76 thoughts on “Tassimo Coffee Machine Giveaway with Argos

  1. I’m with you, I love coffee! I actually gave it up for lent this year and it was the worst six weeks of my life, no joke. This is such a funky little machine – what an awesome giveaway. I’ve also heard it makes amazing coffee, which would be a massive improvement on my teaspoon of instant that gets dropped in my cup every morning.

  2. coffee is ace…and seems even more so when you are self inflicting a detox on yourself…seemed like a good idea at the time but right now, whilst I’m drinking another mint tea…a coffee would go down a treat!!

  3. This coffee machine would be a very welcome and valuable addition to my kitchen and my life! I’m certain my mornings would be perkier if I had this Tassimo machine to make myself a delicious cup of coffee before work each day.

  4. Reasons why I want to win a coffee machine: I found out recently my husband was cheating on me – he asked me for a coffee machine for his birthday at the end of October – I want to win it so I can make lovely coffee JUST FOR ME! #itsthesmallthings #evillaughter @FannyJane

  5. I love a nice coffee but it’s hard to find it and I can’t afford a machine for my office and I refuse to use starbucks. Having narcolepsy it’s a medical necessity to have coffee when required as I have to self medicate using caffine so sometimes it’s a bummer having to have diet coke rather than a nice cup of java. This would be so lovely to have.

  6. tried instant a few times but not really that keen, be interesting to try a proper coffee, for that reason alone i’m entering (plus i know family members would like it if i REALLY don’t like that either

  7. Every year I say to myself I will buy something for me that I will enjoy and use but I never do as unexpected bills appear or my son needs something so this would be perfect as I love coffee maybe too much lol

  8. My darling husband is the true coffee addict. When in Rome we had to make a special trip to a particular shop to buy an Italian jobbie. He would lurrrrrrvw this this..er do I get brownie points for my selfless devotion? Xx

  9. Ooooh, yummy. I, until recently, had a Nespresso (don’t hate me!) machine which is now defunct so am currently in the market for a coffee maker. Just a pity they can’t all have George Clooney in the ads!

  10. ooooooohhhhhh pick me, pick me! Coffeee! I probably shouldn’t be allowed Caffeine but I want it caffeine is my way to survive the day it kinda is the glue holding me together most days!!

  11. I’m a huge coffee lover but sadly I have to use instant coffee at work as we only gave a kettle & no other facilities … If I’m lucky I’ll definitely bring this great machine on my desk at work!!

  12. Perfect timing. After using cafetiere for years we just made decision to get pod machine for Christmas. Done the research and definitely want a Tassimo

  13. My dad has discovered the joy of a frothy coffee at the age of 79. He is also good at getting to grips with new gadgets so he would love this machine

  14. Believe it or not im 31 and only just got the coffee bug. I chuffing love it!!!cant believe ive been missing out for years. Loving trying all different sorts the stronger the better

  15. Argh how do you get so much good stuff? Used to be a Barista so should hate these things but now have one at work and its defo not bad at all. Sometimes i just dont have the time or patience to brew coffee nor the cash to get a proper one. Plus my housemate smashed my cafetiere so this would be an ace replacement (he would be banned from using)

  16. Great competition!! Im sure this coffee machine will get me through the living hell that is, the run up to christmas, that this year started in October. Great! xx

  17. If I had this I could show my Nun what a real drink was. Be dead easy for her to make me one in as well the next time she comes to stay. No more excuses.

  18. Oh my goodness how exciting is this!! I could do ‘posh’ coffees at my dinner parties & enjoy a nice decent cup of coffee without having to spend a small fortune in a well known coffee shop – awww this is the good life I’m dreaming of here!

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for a super competition.

  19. My life literally is dependant upon coffee this days. I’ve also given up smoking, so I need this!

    Big love for coffee, and for you, if that earns me brownie points? πŸ˜›

  20. I have completely given up on instant coffee – it’s universally horrid, and the attempts by the big manufacturers to put a sprinkling of roasting-plant floor-sweepings in with it don’t really do it for me. Is this be the answer to the really quick half-decent coffee?

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