Sunday Sounds: July


After two weeks of the cold from hell, I’m back to training. Back to normal. This of course means that Sunday Sounds can return as I’m back at the gym, back on the road and back in the spin class.

Which is where I’m heading for the first selection. Doop, by Doop.

Martin, who runs the class I attend on a Thursday morning has just recently changed CD selection, so this has sadly left my weekly spin session.

He kept it for the last track, the last push, the one where we wiggle the handlebars on our Real Ryder bikes and grin like idiots. I’m going to miss it.

Second up, because I can’t resist is another mash up – I’m blaming both Martin and the Studio Manager Neil, for my current obsession with these.

Stayin’ Alive In The Wall – (Bee Gees vs Pink Floyd) just works. And you can sing along to it.

And then we go to another old favourite – Antidote, by Swedish House Mafia Vs Knife Party. It used to be part of the Les Mills’ Body Pump and whilst waiting for a session to start, it popped up in the background music. I swear I remembered ever move of that track, and my knees involuntarily bent in time…

Pavlov’s Dogs springs to mind…

Finally, one of my old spin tracks. I miss Andy has his spin class – those of you a Soho Gym in Manchester are lucky things – his class is insane and brilliant. And he loves a bit of Kylie, so let’s go with Timebomb.

I couldn’t find the actual track he used in the class, which included a section in the middle involving a getaway car, but I got stuck in a loop of different remixes that meant even the cat started wincing when she heard the track start for the 100th time and stalked off.

So, that’s it for this week – as we’re doing some new workouts in the studio and my mash up obsession continues, I’m looking forward to seeing what I can find for next week.

Any suggestions welcome!

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