Sunday Roast: Blanchflower, Altrincham

It doesn’t matter what the weather, there’s always room for a roast. 

Maybe it’s the northern in me. Rain, shine, high summer or middle of winter, there’s still something to be said for roast potatoes and gravy. 

Hmmm. Gravy. 

Which is why, on a scorching afternoon that proved not only was my dress not well cut enough to prevent another layer of light pink on my shoulders, but that there is when taking photographs such a thing as too much sunlight, myself and Mr GFB found ourselves in Blanchflower, Altrincham about to get our Sunday roast fix.

Blanchflower’s ethos is easy – good food, simple dishes, great flavours. A list that a lot of venues are getting back to, taking a step away from frills and furbelows to simple tasty food, which when it comes to a Sunday roast, is pretty much what you want to see. Sundays are generally all about comfort, relaxation, and families, so whilst you want it to look pretty, and taste good, you’re less fussed about it tap-dancing on your plate for entertainment. 

When it came to starters, I was pleased to see pickles and ferments on the menu. Anyone who knows me, knows I have a bit of a thing for pickles – one of my favourite cocktails is the Gibson, meaning there is always a supply of ‘good’ pickled onions at home (though I do miss those created by a certain Mr Binnersley for a cocktail competition many moons ago). So the excuse to indulge in a plate full was a no brainer, especially when paired with Mr GFB’s selection of the cured salmon.

Whilst he may have turned his nose up at the cauliflower, I certainly didn’t and along with the pickled tomatoes, grapes and celery, it was a platter that proved fresh, crisp, and slightly addictive. The salmon too was soft, and creamy, the addition of caper berries another hit. 

Appetite awakened by the starters and a glass of white Rioja, we went into the mains. I’d gone for the classic, topside of beef, served pink, with all the trimmings. 


Whilst Mr GFB opted for the poussin. It’s hard to say who enjoyed their more, because bar a few of the veggies remaining from our shared sides, both were demolished happily, leaving bones and a smear of gravy on the plates.


Despite this, we still had room for dessert and given the time of year, there was no question for me, it had to be the meringue with fresh fruit. Light, sweet, fresh, there’s something about the contrast between the textures of soft cream and crisp meringue and the pop of fruit in your mouth that’s a little bit addictive.

For Mr GFB the chocolate brownie with hot fudge sauce and Cornish ice cream was calling his name like a sweet, squidgy cocoa laden siren, and as with every other dish, it soon disappeared with satisfaction.

Blanchflower is a great addition to Altrincham, which seems to be ever growing in it’s food and drink offerings. I certainly can’t complain, being just a short tram hop away, which is why I’m already eyeing their brunch menu and the Ox Cheek Benedict… 

Anyone for a brunch date?

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