Summer Holidaying with Very

I must admit, I don’t go to blogger events very often.

In truth, I’m not sure how fussed you, dear reader, are about them. I mean sometimes it must feel like it’s a bit of a club that you’re not invited to. But every so often, one appeals to me. Like the Very Summer Holiday event. I mean, the chance to have a nosey at stuff before it comes out online? And to see them in the, er, flesh as it were, rather than just a picture on the screen? I’m all for a little behind the scenes action.

The thing about Very is, that I’m not sure how many people realise that they are actually a pretty decent plus size stockist. As well as their Curve range, much of their standard clothing does go up to 24/26/28 sorts of sizing. Which is far more than many others offer. 

So that’s why Saturday saw me hopping on a train to an industrial estate in Speke for a nosey about.

I go to all the most glamorous places.



Welcomed with a glass of fizz (of the non-alcoholic elderflower kind) and a cupcake or two, we were released into a room full of shiny things. There were a number of toys and items of kiddies clothing, but I’ll leave that to the parent bloggers. Mine as ever will stick with everything strictly grown up. It’s worth noting though that it was for women and children. I’d have loved to have a nosey at the gents clothing range too – perhaps something for next time Very?



I must admit to feeling a little bit like a kid in a sweetshop. I ran around trying on hats. Because, well, hats.

And well, she didn’t need it after all.



Though I might need her dress.  

But seriously. I’ve paired a number of my favourite pieces together, and included links where I can. Some are yet to be released (they’ll be out in June), but it’s well worth stalking the beachwear and holiday shop links until they are. After all, what’s more fun when sitting in an office at lunch looking at the rain outside, than planning your holiday and your holiday wardrobe?


The skirt I fell in love with at first glance. Whilst the colour is perhaps paler than I would normally go for, it’s floaty nature means it’s a fantastic cover up, going well with both this pretty frilly number (useful for covering up that weird thing my boobs do when I go strapless and they go all flat and weird) or this gorgeously detailed bikini. 

Of course, the soft sea green of the skirt means it would work so well with a bright pink, black, white or even a rich coral – and it goes up to a size 22. 



Another cover up I totally fell for was this kaftan. Who doesn’t love a kaftan on holiday? Swanning about by the poolside in a pair of pretty sandals, kaftan swooshing as you walk. Oh and this one is on offer at £28 and goes up to a 24/26. Add in the black floppy hat I’m modelling above and a giant pair of sunnies and it’s all the poolside glamour you need. 


These pretties are all from South Beach. None of them are online (yet) but I’m very taken by the red swimsuit – it’s very daring, but is also very adjustable, meaning the whole long-body-short-leg thing I have going on might actually be catered for by a one piece. 

It’s also sitting on top of a black and white round beach towel. They seem to be everywhere at the event – like this giant strawberry, but again not online yet, so if this appeals, I’d keep stalking the website.



For more teasers work your way through the slideshow below. As for me, I have a shopping list ready and waiting. 

Roll on June.


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This was a free to attend event, and open to a number of bloggers in the North West. 

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