Breakfast Menu: Alberts Schloss

Is breakfast the new brunch?

I’m not sure, but as I head over to Alberts Schloss after a pairing of spin class with my new training programme, I’m tired but weirdly energised, thirsty and, above all, hungry. And I don’t really care if it is or not. 

It’s 8:15am, my legs are like jelly, my tummy a yearning chasm of ‘feed me’, and I arrive to the scent of fresh baked pastries, bacon, and most importantly coffee. 


This summer Schloss are doing their breakfast menu seven days a week, weekdays kicking off at the useful time of 8am (useful for me, as my gym is almost literally across the road). Handy.

And of course on a normal Thursday morning we kicked things off with cocktails for breakfast. 



Espresso Martinis, Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s and French 75s are all available to accompany your morning nibble. Whilst we might look a little shocked now, in the past, cocktails were often a way to kick start your morning, just as common as your daily espresso is now. And I can verify that a short, coffee fuelled Martini, goes a long way to pulling you out of your pre-work slump. But maybe not everyday. 

Onto breakfast and the choice is huge! From cruffins to kronuts to freshly baked bread made on site daily, your dose of carbs is as fresh and tasty as you can get. They will, however, be more professionally decorated and filled than this one, which was done by my own clumsy mitts. 



Luckily the ingredients were all those of Schloss, so it tasted better than it looked (I’ll never make a pastry chef).

If you need something a little heavier, there’s plenty on hand to satisfy. Steak and eggs, a classic style breakfast with kaiserwurst and treacle bacon, or I can highly recommend the veggie breakfast option. A warning though, it’s bloody huge.



Potato rosti, toasted sourdough, baked beans, fried eggs – I even had a double yolker! Perhaps the best bit is the veggie black pudding. So close to the real thing, if you didn’t know, you might not even realise that this blend of chickpeas, beetroot and spices hasn’t been anywhere near real meat. 

If you fancy something lighter, then the crayfish eggs benedict has made it from the specials menu into something more permanent. 



Juicy crayfish, soft poached eggs, spinach and a light tarragon hollandaise sit on top of the traditional toasted muffin. Delish.

If you fancy a little indulgent breakfast of your own (or something healthier like the roasted peaches with Quark, or even a grain bowl), then all summer (til 25th August) there’s a chance for you to get a little discounted breakfast of your own.

Just say ‘guten morgen’ on arrival or book a table online for breakfast and you can get 50% off your bill before 11.45am everyday. 

So… Who’s up for brekkie?

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