Stubborn Mule Brewery Tap

To begin this one, we have to rewind a little in time. 

Mr GFB and I were visiting Chorlton Brewery in Piccadilly. It was around the time that Mike (of said brewery) had a broken foot and was shuffling about by office chair. Mr GFB wanted beer (as did I) and whilst we stood around discussing brewing and distilling and beer, and funky sours, whilst sipping Manchester Tart (a deliciously sour raspberry and coconut creation), a car pulled up.

Out popped a lovely couple, who also wanted to talk beer – but rather than from a consumers perspective, this was from a brewers perspective. A few hours later, we all left, with beer, with new connections made.



The brewer was Ed Bright, who over the last few months has been putting all of his energy into opening his brewery in Altrincham.  From an idea and a shed in the garden, he’s now moved to a ten barrel brewery and this weekend saw a chance to launch the brewery with a little party. Though there’s a little tweaking to be done (and Ed has admitted he needs to get brewing more beer) Stubborn Mule Brewery and Brewery Tap is now settled into it’s new home near Navigation Road. 



The theme for the afternoon was 1920s gangsters, and I soon found myself surrounded by the owners of the building, and a slew of family and friends (including little Poppy who was but a mere tiny bump when we met at Chorlton Brewery) surrounded by beer, and chatting gin to the Lady Mayor and Mayoress of Trafford. 

As you do.

The space is, well it looks like a brewery tap should. Tables and chairs, taps and a bar, encourage you to drink surrounded kegs and piles of cardboard and bottles. It’s the home of the beer in your pint pot. 



I have to admit, it’s been fun watching Ed and the brewerys progress. From that first meeting, through to it’s existence now. What’s been even more exciting is just how bloody good the beers are. The Chocolate Stout is rich and smooth, without being heavy. The Single Hop IPA is just what you’d expect, hoppy, light, fresh. And the Cream Ale? There’s a reason my handbag was heavy when we went home.

And now, rather than being the other side of Manchester, this Brewery Tap is just a hop on the Metrolink away.

This could get dangerous. 

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