Staff Room

I have to admit, I’m a little bit rubbish at watching TV.

I can’t really sit still long enough – I’m doing something else at the same time, or more often than not, I’m out at an event and by the time I get home, Twitter and Facebook have ruined it for me.

So it has to be something that is gripping that I can binge watch, or something short, sweet and funny. And available anytime.


Say hello to Staff Room.

A comedy series that is well-written, funny, available any time and more importantly,  written by local boys Ryan McDermott and Adam Brown.

Set in a Salford school, it follows teachers Ian Butterworth (Ryan) and Julian Wentworth-Farlington (Adam) – best friends, colleagues and comrades in the gentle battle against their boss, Principal Kipling (Brian Capron). Add in Ian’s crush, Lucy (Zoe Lister) and you’ve got a recipe for giggles, chaos and cheeky humour.

I was lucky enough to go to the premiere at Manchester’s Comedy Store, where we were not only treated to a first time view of all the episodes, but to meet the boys themselves (and to ogle Adam’s perfect brows and eyeliner), but also their co-stars – including Brian, Zoe and, as an 80s kid, most importantly Pat Sharp.

Yes. Pat Sharp.


The series is, brilliant. It’s got a real down to earth nature, and in true northern style, it doesn’t take itself seriously – the real self-deprecating style of humour. I’m hooked.

But don’t take my word for it – all episodes from the first series are available online for you to watch and there are extra videos interviewing the cast with behind the scenes footage.

I can’t wait for the next series – and if it doesn’t make it’s way onto TV… I’ll eat my hat (one of them anyway).

Now Adam, about that eyeliner lesson…?


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