Spring Fayre

I want you to imagine a Justin Bieber concert.

Screaming fans, there with their parents (some of them anyway), excitedly squealing as he leaps around on stage. And you look on in bemusement – slightly deafened.

I then want you to morph Mr Bieber into Peppa Pig.

And then morph those frantic teens into knee high toddlers.


This was Saturday in Urmston Library, where Evans Events held one of their now well known craft fairs, and Peppa was special guest. As I waded through small bodies, watching one particularly eager little girl leaping onto Peppa and clinging onto the character’s leg for dear life, with such a picture of pure joy on her face, I did consider briefly if I’d wandered into some sort of parallel universe.


But no, this was definitely Urmston Library, it was definitely a craft fair and I was merely getting in the way of pig hero worship.

Swiftly moving out of the way, I was pleased to see a fabulous array of stalls – as ever Amy manages to gather some of the most talented crafters into one space. I was beginning to feel glad I’d stopped off at the bank before heading over.


 Chatting with Sit n Knit for a little while and admiring all of her creations (somewhat in love with the fingerless mittens and given the weather, wishing I’d bought a pair), I wandered off, and spotted  Brick Creations range of pictures, cards and pins.


I have to admit, I considered getting Mr GFB a Valentine card from her, but admitted truthfully that I’d rather have one from him than vice versa – I suspect I’m the bigger brick geek.


Staying on the brick theme, I spotted some stunning cakes from The Manchester Cakehouse, brick and buttons and some beautifully formed flowers – in this case dairy free.


It’s here I have to confess that I intended to go back and buy cake. I really did. In fact it wasn’t until I was actually on the bus home that I remembered. Far, far too late.


Partially this was because I’d seen the items on the stand from ImootoMe. Alongside creating keepsakes out of babygrows, Helena also had a gorgeous selection of crafted pieces – from cards to crochet.


I was particularly taken with a little pumpkin – admittedly a touch unseasonal, but he peered at me from behind a card, somewhat puzzled.


And then, well, then I came across Tavington Crafts. My inner geek got giddy. Plush stars, a Majora’s Mask and the cutest Professor Layton scarf. I wish more of my images had come out better, I was in love.


How I made it away without buying the whole stall, I do not know. But this little mushroom did make his way out with me. What a cutie.

As ever a brilliant afternoon spent browsing, chatting and buying. I don’t know how she does it, but Amy finds some of the loveliest creative people and brings them together in one place.

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