Sour Beer & Lambic Weekend

I hate being late to the party. And, in the case of the Sour and Lambic beer weekender at Ply and Kosmonaut, both myself and Mr GFB were. Very late. 

We couldn’t make it over until the Bank Holiday Monday, so we suitably indulged in, er, what was left. 

The whole event began on Thursday 3rd May and ran for the whole Bank Holiday weekend. Five days of beers from 3 Fonteinen, Burning Sky Brouwerij Boon, Brasserie Cantillon, Redchurch, and more. 

Along with these delicious beers, there were food treats too, not only the delicious nibbles from Fat Tony’s (wings and sour beer? Thank you please), Ply offered little extras such as a Trove laden bread basket with pate and olive oil, again something for the sharpness of the beers to cut through. 

Whilst we may have missed the DJs, pizza and, let’s face it. a lot of beer, what was left was still enough to tickle our tastebuds.

We began over at Ply, 

The Biere de Saison Honey from Kernel went down well with it’s light florals and rounded acidity, whereas Bramble from Alphabet was just a little too sweet for us, though a nice enough beer. Oud Faro from Oud Beersel in Beersel also made us both smile in appreciation, managing to be both funky and earthy, but with softer caramel notes. Yum. 

Over at Kosmonaut, Mr GFB spotted the one beer that would remind him of me (always) Passion fruit and Blueberry Tart from Thornbridge, which was his final drink of the evening. Fruity, full of berries with a nice acidity. For me, it became pretty hard to drag myself away from the Urban Farmhouse Dry-Hopped Sour (Mandarina Bavaria) from Redchurch. I began with a half, but soon found myself having a full pint, as it’s peachy grapefruit flavour totally drew me in. 



Whilst we may have been late to the party, we still got to indulge a little bit, and thankfully I’m told this won’t be the last beery event they’re going to do together.

Now I just need a quieter diary, and I can be at that party before anyone else! 



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