Sky High Tea with Roberts Bakery

I do love an afternoon tea. What better than tea, cake, and cream laden scones.

But this one came with a bit of a difference. This was, to be a ‘sky high’ tea, twenty or so of us lifted 100ft into the air, where we would be served pots of tea, scones, and toasted teacakes.

Something that the me of a few years ago would have said no to. But the newer me (the one who went abseiling to get over a fear of heights) would say absolutely yes to. 

So I did.



We arrived at the Etihad Stadium under grey skies, to a warm welcome from the Roberts Bakery team, which gave us the opportunity to look at our dining table. And the crane it would be lifted onto.

Well, er, yes. 100ft is rather high isn’t it?



All this was in aid of the complete rebrand of Roberts Bakery – a loaf of bread I’ve often thrown into my basket in the supermarket, they’ve updated their image with bright colours, and gotten a little experimental in the bakery. As well as your usual sliced white, you can now indulge in soft cornbread rolls with a little added spice, Gin & Tonic Fun Buns (teacakes made using Schweppes tonic and a heft 60% abv gin), as well as a new range of sliced loaves – with malted, wholemeal and seeded bloomer loaves. 

And by the sounds of it, this was only the beginning. 



Pass in hand, it was time to board our little sky ride. 

Big cushioned seats, with three straps to keep you secure, teacup and saucer, three tiers of goodies to be shared with the person next to you. It was all terribly civilised. And, if you caught the I Love Manchester Facebook Live, you’ll have seen it all for yourself.



In truth, it was a whole heap of fun, although my date was somewhat concerned I was going to lose my phone at some point. And this was a drop there was no coming back from – no matter how tough the phone case.



We sipped on tea, nibbled on cheese filled mini loaves, and licked butter smeared fingers. We were only up in the rain heavy sky for 30 minutes before we began our descent. It was over far too fast.



Though I think given that the wind had begun to pick up, as had the rain, many were secretly relieved to be back on terra firma. 

Roberts, I may not be sure of the rebrand imagery, but I’m loving the experimental edge that you’ve grabbed. The Gin and Tonic Fun Buns are tasty, and the corn rolls were perfect for this cooler weather with a warming stew at the weekend. And you white sliced still remains a family favourite. 

I can’t wait to see what else you cook up. 


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