Service Review: Feel Good Contacts

If you’ve been a long time visitor to this page, you may have noticed that I am a glasses wearer. Ever since high school (when I sported a rather foxy Deidre Barlow-esque pair of blue framed specs) I’ve worn them. To go without is impossible. Everything would be a vaguely shaped blur.

Add to that, I developed what many short-sighted people do, an astigmatism in both eyes. It merely means that your eyes are a slightly different shape than they should be. Less football, more rugby ball. Much like my sports tastes, so at least it fits. 



So if I want to ditch the glasses, it’s contact lenses all the way – but they’re not cheap. Nor, when you get to my level of vision are glasses. So whilst I’ve been going to the same opticians for years, I’m still trying to find places to get good lenses – ones that aren’t going to leave my vision compromised – at the right price. 

So discovering I can get contact lenses from Feel Good Contacts for much less than my ones from the opticians has been, forgive the pun, an eye opener. 



My normal prescription would see me forking out £49 for three months worth of lenses. Feel Good Contacts are £33.50 for the exact same prescription, and exact same lenses. What’s more they offer next day delivery on 99% of their orders (on the standard tracked postage) which still only puts them at £36.49 (or £40 for the guaranteed next day delivery if you really can’t wait). Still meaning they’re lower than my normal supplier. And if that changes, they have a price match promise, so I don’t need to worry about a sudden increase.

And the customer service is fabulous too. One day we’re chatting prescription and lens type, the next this box arrives. 



Now that’s speedy. 

Of course if you’re not like me and only need a standard prescription, I’m not only a teeny bit jealous, but you can try their Comfi range, which are ridiculously cheap – as is the All in One Solution from the same range, that I’ll be investing in.  

I’m completely sold, and know where I’ll be buying from in future. At those prices, I can’t afford not to. 


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The contact lenses in this review were provided free of charge. However, I’m thrilled to have discovered this site (or they discovered me?) because I’m not buying from my usual supplier any more!!

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