Rugby World Cup: Volunteering

As you read this, I’ll be sitting in Twickenham Stadium undergoing training for my volunteer role at the Rugby World Cup in the Autumn. 

In fact, I’m writing this in the world famous Cabbage Patch pub, drinking a rather nice glass of Rioja. Needs must, right?

Out of 20000 applicants, 10000 made it to interview, and only 6000 or so of us made it through.

I’m one of those lucky, lucky buggers who made it through, all the processes, and I’ll be a ‘Field of Play Assistant’ for the game on 10 October, at the Etihad Stadium between England and Uruguay.


The process started last year, when applications opened and I was interviewed nearly a year ago in Media City, where our introductions to the programme, and our interviews were held.

Now, after my first initial session with 4000 or so other volunteers at the MK Don Stadium, and after a set of online training tasks that cemented our customer service, equality and diversity, and presentation skills, I’ll now be sitting in a conference room at the home of Rugby Union. Twickers.

I’m a bit giddy.

Tomorrow I’ll pick up my uniform.

It’s an intriguing blend of navy and neon yellow, culminating ultimately in a neon yellow cap, that must be worn at all times.

2015-06-05 13.10.57

I have a feeling the designers didn’t take into account there being many redheads…. And none with the bright orange I cultivate.

They want us to be identifiable at all times. Yeah, nobody is going to miss me.

Which is good, because as my role title would suggest, I’ll be pitchside (I think). 20140910_174515

And as I sit here, eating my burger with maverick sauce (good), with fries (standard), and mac n cheese (very good), I can’t help but wonder who else is on the same journey.

Guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Rugby World Cup: Volunteering

  1. Have fun, it’ll be a great experience… I’m reminiscing about my experience this time last year as a volunteer at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow – I was one of the overly excited spectator services folks with a huge foam hand and a megaphone… I became slightly attached. But not to the uniform.

    1. What is it about the people who design the uniforms? I hated my Commonwealth Games one (though I have it stashed away still), not sure about this one either. Do you think they do it deliberately? Or just not involve anyone ‘normal’ in the design process?

      Can’t wait, we were all starting to get really giddy and I think I’ve got one of the best jobs there is!

  2. Hello. I’m a longtime lurker on your blog, all the way from Melbourne Australia. I don’t remember how I came across it but remember thinking at the time that a title like that can only be good! Basing that assumption on gin being my favorite summer drink.

    My sister is a rugby tragic and is going to the world cup with a bunch of her tragic mates (they will have the best time and I am rather jealous). I shall tell her to look out for you 😉

    1. Well hello there! Long time lurkers are always welcome (especially gin loving ones!).

      I’m only doing the one game (Manchester: England vs Uruguay) but found out I’ll be the only person on the pitch in full uniform (running about with a headset on, apparently) so there’ll be no missing me!

      Hope your sister has an amazing stay!

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