Review: Fat Tony’s, Manchester

I must admit, when The Hip Hip Chip Shop left Kosmonaut I was a little bereft. 

I mean, I know I can still go over to Media City, and their new place in Ancoats when it opens next year –  I mean with Seven Bro7hers so close by, it’s a match made in heaven. 

But I wondered what Kosmonaut would do in the meantime. It’s always been a great place for post work drinks, and especially this time of year, having food on hand when you’re just too deep in conversation to contemplate moving on, or you’re waiting for some straggler to finish in the office, it’s always been a perfect spot. 

Having visited recently and sampled the food from Fat Tony’s, who have taken the kitchen space, I’m not grieving any more.

Far from it. 


It was cold, it was post work, and I was hungry. My date was a little bit late (to put it mildly), so whilst ogling the menu, I sipped a cherry infused bourbon and Coke. 

Fat Tony’s menu is small, but very well formed. Burgers (meaty, and veggie), poutine (again both meaty and veggie options – after all, even vegetarians love gravy), and a selection of plates – lentil and spiced tofu stew, or grilled cheese.

Solid, substantial food if it’s done well.



Finally, my date arrived, we grabbed a cocktail each and made our selections – as they’ve tweaked the cocktail menu too, it would be rude not to. Especially with the delightfully pretty Along for the Ride – gin, rhubarb, raspberry and prosecco frothily fills a coupe. 



As a starter, we went distinctly heavy on the meat with one of the smaller plates as a sharer. Roasted bone marrow with crisp sourdough toast, and pickles. The pickles were a great touch, cutting through the fatty richness of the marrow, as we smeared it on crispy toast. 



Our mains were just as hearty. I went for the chicken burger, which arrived crisp and tender, and gently smothered in chicken gravy. My date went for the steak poutine – another generous dish. 



Medium rare steak, chips, and gravy that makes your lips sticky with rich flavour. This is a bloody good poutine, especially for a tenner (the mushroom version is £2 cheaper), and will definitely set you up for a festive night out, or a post party recovery. 

It’s also so moreish, I almost had to march the remains of our plates over to the bar to stop myself quietly dunking chips in gravy, even though we were both stuffed full.

Fat Tony’s menu promises much with it’s simplistic nature, and both in flavour and generosity it gives more than you’d expect, for less than you’d think.

Colour me impressed. 


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This meal and accompanying drinks were supplied for free by Kosmonaut. As ever, this doesn’t guarantee a positive review (if anything, I tend to be a harsher critic).

Service was great, despite a busy evening service, and the food was spot on. Excellent quality, great flavour, and generous portions. This added to their cocktails and the value of their simple drinks and mixers section on the menu, means it’s a thumbs up from us. 

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