Review: Adagio Teas

Tea is comforting, soothing, warming. It fixes everything – well some things need gin, but they certainly frown on me using a hip flask in the office, so tea it must be.

And my tea collection is as varied as my gin collection. Earl Grey for afternoon soothing, when I need to think but my mind is too busy. Green tea in various guises when it’s not stimulated enough. Lemon and ginger for when my tastebuds need a kick, and mint for when they need calming. I once said I had 22 different kinds of tea in my office. Now? I’m not so sure. I just keep buying.

Adagio teas offer a great selection online, as well as your main black and green teas, there are also aged teas or pu erh, white teas, flavoured black and green, as well as oolong, chai, herbal and fruit teas. Enough to make choosing a bit of a challenge. (Which is probably why they have a sampler selection, they understand my pain at making a decision). 

Adagio were kind enough to send me a selection of their most popular teas:

2016-02-04 12.54.38

Masala Chai, with it’s traditional spices of clove, cinnamon, ginger and cardamom to stimulate the senses. Jasmine Yin Hao, intensely floral, lightly sweet green tea and Citron Green, much softer in flavour with light orange citrus flavours and marigold to soften. And finally, Earl Grey Moonlight with creamy vanilla flavours, even those who need a touch of milk with their Earl Grey might stay their hand. 

All delicious teas, the Citron Green and Earl Grey Moonlight suiting me best, but what they also sent with them was a new toy. And I’m a little bit in love. 

2016-02-04 10.11.02

The IngenuiTEA allows you to use loose leaf teas with no random straggles of tea leaf ending up in your drink, no faffing cleaning fiddly little infusers, forgetting to use a strainer, or trying to use your (my) fat fingers to fill individual teabags and just making a mess over your desk. 

Simply add tea to the required strength, your hot water and let it steep for the recommended amount of time. Then:

Time and again: 

And that’s it. The tea is only released when a little valve is pressed by the rim of your cup (so don’t randomly plonk it down on top of something on your desk, it could get messy). Once your cup is full lift and the valve sets back and you can pop it on your desk for a top up later. 

When you’re done, empty it out and rinse, or pop it in the dishwasher ready for the next use. 

2016-02-03 12.43.31

I’ve tried it with as many different kinds of tea as I’ve got. Fine gunpowder tea, no problem. Leafy green, easy. Fiddly spices, got it.

Adagio, your teas are great and I can see when my collection gets a little lacking, me off shopping particularly indulging in your fandom blends, but with the IngenuiTEA, you’ve got me hooked. 

Now I just need a big one for home….

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These items were received for review. All the teas are great, as mentioned, I’m a particular fan of the Earl Grey Moonlight and the Green Citron, but the teaware for me is perfect. I’m throwing out my infuser teapot if anyone wants it? 


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