Restaurant Review: Thaikhun, Spinningfields

January is nearly over (no, honestly, I promise, I know it feels like the longest month in the world, but I swear) and so I’m still trying to cram in as many bargain meals as possible.

On Monday, my date and I took advantage of the 40% off offer at Thaikhun on Spinningfields. I was lucky enough to attend the opening of this venue, way back when, but for some reason, hadn’t made it over for dinner. Which whilst a little odd, (I mean, you’d think I’ve have at least made it over there once) is a little explainable. I love Thai food. In fact Pad Thai is one of those dishes that fixes me when I’m feeling low. There’s something about the mix of flavours and textures, and of course noodles, that means I could eat it over and over again. 

The problem is, I think, that I like cooking Thai food too. Noodle dishes, fish dishes, rice dishes (I’m fancying a congee this weekend), bodged versions, and those more authentic. So visiting a Thai restaurant isn’t at the top of my to do list. 

As I was fresh from yoga, I was hungry. An hour and a half of vinyasa really works up an appetite, and though it would come at the expense of desserts, we got a little giddy ordering starters. 



We began with the Bangkok Sharing Platter. Grilled chicken satay, breaded king prawns, sweetcorn cakes and, as the dumplings weren’t available, the Palm Sugar Beef – strips of beef rump, marinated with palm sugar, coriander, pepper and soy sauce fried hard, and served with Sriracha sauce. The corn fritters were just as I like them, crispy, sweet and chewy, the prawns were crisp but tender, the beef rich with flavour and the chicken that little bit moreish. 

But we weren’t done there. 



I’ve been going through a bit of a tofu phase recently, and fancied that nice hit of soft protein. With a lightly sweet and umami sauce of soy sauce and palm sugar, it was just what my taste buds ordered. 



My date, fancied some more seafood, so opted for the Chilli Squid – properly soft squid with a gently crisp batter. If anything for me it could have done with a little bit more bite from the chilli, but absolutely couldn’t fault the squid itself. 



Onto mains, and I tried very hard to avoid the Pad Thai (honestly, it’s my automatic choice). I went for the steamed noodles – still sticking with my favourite style of dish, but this time with all the protein on top. Marinated and roast BBQ pork, pork belly, tofu, turnip, spring onion, dry shrimp, chicken mince, bean sprouts, steamed noodles, and then served with pickled chillies and a boiled egg. Sweet, salty and sour, with lots of textures from the pork, chicken mince and vegetables. I’d have probably preferred less sauce (I mean noodles are a challenge to eat elegantly even when there’s no sauce involved), but I happily dug in and ate my fill. 



My date went for something with even more pork. Sliced barbecued and roasted pork belly, steamed rice with a boiled egg, sweet soy and barbecue sauce. Meaty, rich, and filling. Thank goodness for doggy bags. 

Replete, we indulged in another cocktail before home, rather than a pudding. But next time I suspect the Pandan pudding might be on my to try list. 



Overall, we had fabulous service, great food, and with a discount via MDOG meaning we got 40% off? Bargain. 


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All food and drink was paid for by ourselves. 

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