Restaurant Review: La Casita, Chorlton

Given the loss of some big names in dining recently, you’d be forgiven for thinking that nobody is going out to dinner any more. But given how full La Casita was when we dined at the weekend, I’d say we’re still headed out to eat – perhaps it’s just how often and where that’s more of an issue.

Either way, we were glad we booked on Saturday for a catch up with friends. This ‘Little House’ on Barlow Moor Road in Chorlton is all things Mexican. From burritos to quesdillas, to huge portions of nachos, the team who were known for their street food have taken to the restaurant business like ducks to water. 

Or chips to guacamole. 






On the drinks side of things there are the usual softs (including a refreshing grapefruit soda, Squirt!), a couple of beers on tap, and wines by the glass or bottle. And then there is the Tequila. Go for one of the cocktails – a Margarita like I did, or maybe a Paloma, or go for a shot or two of the good stuff.

I’d also recommend talking to chef about the mezcal. 

Onto food, and it’s one of those places where you need to go hungry – and be prepared to share. 



The nachos are piled high, with lots of fresh flavours, and whilst there is plenty of toppings, they don’t feel over or under dressed. The chips are light and thin – forget the commercial ones you get in a big bag for snacking, these are the ones I want thank you. 

The choriqueso is a cheese lover’s dream – and I’ll admit, one that would be hard to share. 


Oozy melted cheese with spring onions and chorizo. Served with flour tortillas, but you may just want a spoon.


If you still have room, the chimichangas and the tacos dorados are well worth a sample too, and it’s all too easy to fill up on these. As we saw when it came to the mains. 

If you like a little DIY at the dinner table, then opt for the fajitas – you can pile them high, or keep them lean, all to your own preference. If you’re hungry, then go for the burrito, but do expect to either share it or as for a doggie bag. It’s a monster. 


The tacos too offer great value for money. The steak tacos are generously filled  and come with a chipotle sauce that is heavenly, and the Tacos el Pastor are filled with soft marinaded pork and topped with coriander and pineapple. 


Dessert? Well yes. Desserts are an option – ice creams, Mexican flan and chocolate brownie are all on offer. As for us, we didn’t make it that far, our mains had us defeated. 

But that’s OK. It just means we have to go back again. Soon.


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All food and drink was paid for by ourselves. 

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