Restaurant Review: Eat New York, Manchester

In a month that’s traditionally about recovery, restriction and restraint, I’m having a ball. 

Yes, the usual routine has kicked in. I’m in the gym training as normal, in the office working, and yeah I’m not exactly loaded this month, but I don’t need to be, because there are offers galore for you to enjoy. 

The latest revisit has involved an absolute favourite. I loved it when it opened, I still love it now, but it was Mr GFB’s first visit to Eat New York on Oldham Street. And far from his last. 

Offering American style burgers, and sandwiches, they’re probably most well known for their Reuben. Hot stacked pastrami, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing on rye, in either half lb or full lb sizes. And they are incredible. 

But for this visit, I figured we’d ease in gently, and explore some of the other offers on the menu. And whilst they’re no Reuben, there we plenty of options that still had Mr GFB shaking his head in wonder.


Take the Grill Melt Burger. Hot salt beef, grilled Swiss cheese, jalapeno, rocket, pickle, house sauce, and house mustard. Oozy messy, salty, creamy, umami, crisp, all at the same time. 

And the Pastrami Burger. Quarter pounder, burger cheese, Swiss cheese, pastrami, Russian dressing, and sauerkraut. Peppery cured beef that soft and buttery, gooey salty cheese, meaty burger – I’m making myself hungry revisiting it all. 

And then we had the frickles. These are some of (maybe even the? I haven’t tried them all yet) the best I’ve had. Proper crunch on the outside, crisp snap of dill pickle on the inside, Russian dressing for dunking. 



And then the fries. The Goofie Fries are topped with pastrami and coriander, but underneath lies a tasty little secret – cheese sauce. So you find yourself dunking those fries deep in the dish to coat them in the sauce – and in my case, wanting to have the lowest layer as they’ll be soft and soaked in cheesy goodness. 



As my first visit was all about the Reuben, we didn’t make it anywhere near dessert. This time we had paced ourselves and so managed to squeeze in a pud. Mr GFB went for the Oreo cheesecake. 



Classic baked New York cheesecake, rich and creamy, with crumbled cookies and chocolate sauce. But the best, and now my new favourite pud, was the deep fried cherry pie. 



You read that right. A proper classic sour cherry pie, dunked in tempura batter and deep fried. My god it’s good – especially with the custard. I’m not a massive dessert fan, but I would go into ENY for this alone (and yeah, I know, probably go home with a take away Reuben). Cherries are my weakness, and this is such a well balanced pud. You clever buggers. 

This place is still a favourite of mine – and it’s no wonder they’ve been able to open in Chorlton, and expand into delivery. I mean who wouldn’t want this delivered to their home so they can sit in their pyjamas and eat deep fried pie? 

Oh and before I forget – if you visit in January (Tuesday to Thursday) and book via MDOG, you can get 50% off? 


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All food and drink was paid for by ourselves. 

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