Restaurant Opening: The Florist, Liverpool

The latest venue launched by the World Trading Company (The Botanist, The Oast House etc), is an Instagram dream. Pastel shades, hints of rose gold, flowers, indoor trees, bicycles and neon. 

The Florist is pretty. Seriously, seriously pretty. 

And over it’s opening weekend it’s been filled with bloggers and media types, more than happy to snap it in all it’s beauty. And yes, me too – for there was Sunday Roast, and it was fabulous – but first, let’s do the tour. 

In through the entrance, you can head right, past the trees and flower filled birdcages, into a lounge seated area, dominated by a floral wall, ceiling hanging, and a bicycle or two.

Or head left, through to the bar.

Or straight ahead to the staircase, and just wow. 


As I say, it’s very, very pretty. So the question becomes, does it have any substance is it, all fur coat and no knickers? Or in this case all flowers and no roots?

(Hey, I had to make that work somehow). 

Whilst I’d been invited to the launch night, a migraine had meant I accidentally fell asleep for three hours and missed all the fun, it did leave me in a perfect position for Sunday lunch. Whilst it wasn’t booze induced, I did have that lightly hungover, lazy feeling, which sometimes only a Sunday roast can kill or cure. 


The selection is very good, hefty meat options, veggie and vegan – so nobody misses out on that full up, warm feeling that comes after a lazy Sunday feed. I opted for the chicken (in a vague nod to my training needs) and my date opted for the lamb – of course we added sides of cauliflower cheese and creamed kale and leek. 

Then everything arrived and…. Well. 

The chicken was huge. Half a chicken, soft, tender and melt off the bone, red cabbage, roasted carrots, roasties, broccoli, plenty of gravy and a giant Yorkshire pud. 

The lamb was just as generous, and included a home made mint sauce. This is the stuff Sundays are made of. And the sides weren’t so shabby either, the kale and leek was creamy without being too heavy, and much like the unctuous cauliflower cheese where the cauli was gently charred too, was rich in flavour. 

Alongside mine, I skipped a glass of wine, and went for a light G&T (the selection is good) whilst my date opted for something soft as she was driving. When it came to the drinks side of things, I think the thing that surprised me most was the breadth of beers on offer – it’s so vast it’s referred to as the ‘Anthology of Ales’ and has it’s own separate menu on the website – which means maybe next time, I’m going for the beer. 

Of course, as it was Sunday, we needed dessert – there are a few options, sticky toffee pudding, orange and lavender creme brulee, elderflower meringue and caramelised peaches, but for us there was only one option. Sunday lunch has its own sharer dessert, a hot toffee apple and pear crumble with almonds, served with ice cream or custard.

Given the rain lashing outside and the distinct chill in the air after our brief sunny spell, it hit the spot perfectly.  Crunchy topping studded with gently toasted almonds, lots of fruit and ice cream melting on top and getting into all the nooks and crannies. As I sit writing this looking at grey skies, I’m pretty much craving it all over again (so if someone could bring it over from Liverpool, I’d be grateful). 

So, final verdict – it’s a stunning site, and if Sunday is repeated, you’ll spend a fair amount of time dodging people with phones and cameras setting up the best shots for their social media, but food wise, it doesn’t disappoint either. If that Sunday roast is as consistently good as it was at the weekend, it’s going to be a bit of a winner.

Only time will tell. 


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