Restaurant Opening: Taberu, Manchester

There are some days when (if you’re like me) lunch is a fast and furious affair at your desk whilst you juggle emails, reports and your to do list.

And there are other days, when it’s a thing to be enjoyed. You take the time to get away from your desk and your constant email notifications. You can lock the door on your ringing phone. And you can stretch your legs, get out into the world and actually enjoy an hour of quiet. 

Of course, thanks to options like Deliveroo, you can no also do a combination of the two. So you can reward your hard work with something properly tasty to eat, whilst still juggling everything. 

Whichever is more you, there then comes the question of what to eat. There are only so many sandwiches you can eat before you find yourself standing in front of the fridge loaded with them pulling a face because there’s nothing you fancy. At least not again. And much as I love a good salad, they too can become just as repetitive. 

So I’m going to suggest you step away from the wall of butties. Leave the bistro style salad where it is, and get something just as tasty, just as fresh, but just a little bit different. 



It’s no secret, I love a good bao bun. Soft fluffy steamed buns, filled with whatever you fancy, served gently warm and spongy beneath your fingers. They vie with noodles and sushi as a favourite quick eat – and they’re just as effective at helping you fix the night before. 

And you can get two of these options from Taberu over on King Street. Brought to you by the partners behind Yu in Alderley Edge, Taberu brings you Japanese take away from lunch time, through to the early evening. The idea, much like Yuu, is to make everything in house, serve it fresh and make your bao, or noodle salad, as tasty as possible.



So how does it work? You head in, decide if you want a steamed bun, or a salad. Pick your meat/fish/cheese (hmmm halloumi), pick you vegetables and sauce and they’ll make it there and then for you. And maybe add a little something extra if you fancy. 



There’s seating inside so you can sit in and enjoy it watching the goings on of King Street, or take it back to your desk and see just how many people eye your lunch with envy. 



With sauces like teriyaki, satay, sriracha and hoi sin, there’s something for all tastes. And if you can’t decide, just ask – they’re happy to make a suggestion. We tried the classic Peking duck with hoi sin, and the char sui pork with satay sauce. Whilst the buns integrity was a little overwhelmed, there’s no denying each was absolutely delicious and as ever with a bao, distinctly moreish. Even though you know two would be overkill, you’re still ultimately tempted to head back for round two. 



If you’re more a noodle fan, then the process is just the same, except you get to choose from a selection of noodles too. Choose your noodle and your meat/fish/cheese option, add all the salad vegetables you fancy and your dressing of choice. Again, if you’re unsure as to whether wasabi mayonnaise is going to go with your prawns (yes, yes it does), or chilli soy with your chicken, you can ask for a little help, or recommendations. 

Having gone meaty with our buns, we opted for king prawns on our noodle salad – going all out on the veggies, including seaweed (I love the stuff). Not only is it full of fresh flavours, but it’s a good substantial size, meaning you’re not likely to suddenly find your tummy grumbling at 3pm.


But if you’d rather prepare for that eventuality, Hello Panda. Tiny, biscuitty, chocolate filled and addictive enough to have me ask Mr GFB to take them off me before I ate them all. 

I never thought I’d be so happy to eat a panda’s face. 



The whole of King Street and Cross Street is growing in terms of lunch offerings. Which as I’m tired of staring at that wall of butties, can only see as a good thing. 

As for me (working two miles in the wrong direction) I’ve found a new spot to head for a post work/pre event eat (it’s open til 7pm), and well. There’s always Deliveroo, right?


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