Restaurant Opening: Elnecot, Ancoats

I’m always looking for a new hiding place. 

That spot I can head to straight after work, but before I head to an event, or meeting, where there’s a comfy seat, a good glass of wine and maybe something to nibble on (after all, unless it’s a dinner I’m heading to, there’s no guarantee I’ll even manage to grab a canape from the kitchen). 

Salut Wines has long been a favourite – even longer was Bakerie, but we’ll skip over that in light of recent events. But when it comes to Ancoats I have a gap – I’m short a place with corners I can hide in and get a little work done. Or just hide in general with a fat glass of wine. 

And yes, despite my love for gin, and even a beer at Seven Brothers, sometimes it needs to be a glass of wine. 

So the opening of Elnecot was a little beacon. I know, it’s not brand new open (it appeared in September) recently enough for it to have gotten lost in my diary. Finally tempted by thoughts of pigs head and a big glass of wine, both myself and my date headed in for a little pre-event catch up. 


I knew we were in a good place when I saw comfy sofas, as well as more boothlike seating and spots at the bar. Bonus points for the mustard colour of said sofas as it matched both my jacket and bag.  

Sadly, we had missed the pig head croquettes, so soothed our disappointment with a Manchester Board, laden with treats such as locally-smoked salmon, regional cheeses and a Manchester egg, along with piccalilli and softly warmed bread.


Everything was excellent, the Manchester egg with perfectly soft yolk was particularly satisfying, but you know me, this wasn’t going to be enough, so we added the confit chicken wings and lamb ribs to our table, along with a bottle of Malbec. 

The wings were exactly as they should be – a little crisp, but lots of soft buttery meat to pick off the bones. And the ribs:


Sticky, rich, so tender they were melt in the mouth. Delicious. 

In short, Elnecot, expect to see me in Ancoats a lot (especially as I’ve got an eye on your brunch menu!)


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