Restaurant Opening: Eat New York, Manchester

This post is definitely for the meat eaters – but before I put all vegans and vegetarians off too much, let me just say that though this post is meat filled, there are vegan and veggie options at this venue, I just haven’t tried them.


But for now, let’s talk bagels, burgers and pastrami.

Late last year The Bagel Shop from Eat New York opening on Oldham Street in the Northern Quarter – the more permanent part of the company (they do outside catering too) from a well known NQ face. Especially if like me you remember Socio Rehab with deep fondness. 



The decor is simple, but effective. Deep grey vies with bright light and yellow neon, blurred lines and a stunning mural of Christopher Walken. There’s a bar to the lefthand side, which I have no doubt offers a stonking array of cocktails (next time I’m going to need a Mahattan, you know, for research), but this visit, it was post workout, so all about the food. 

The menu is split into bagels, burgers, salads and fries (if you make it to dessert, well done you, you’re a better person than I, and I bet the cherry pie is to die for). My date and I had been dreaming about food all day, and so we went in hard. Sharing both mains and two sides. 

The Rushton Deluxe called to us. Two (yes two) quarter pounder burgers, burger cheese, swiss cheese,
sweet onion, roasted bone marrow, truffle mayo. 



It’s rich, meaty and oozes with cheese and truffle. This is a bit of a handful in all the right ways, but the bun managed to hold all this deliciousness together. 

But the main event, well that was the Reuben. I mean just look at it.



So much meat. There are two options, the half pound (£10) and the full pound (£19) both of which are topped with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing. As for the pastrami itself, it’s made using grain fed meat (American USDA brisket) for the rich marbling a grain diet gives them. The meat is cured for two weeks, before being coated in their own special recipe dry rub, and being smoked for 15 hours in their smoker ‘Old Buddy’.

The result is absolutely delicious. Charred outside, buttery, melt in the mouth meat. And availability for just 50 per day.



Of course, there were sides too. The Frickles are panko breadcrumbed rather than battered, which gives them a great crunch and sets them a little apart from others available in the city. 



And the Goofie Fries (in case, like us, you hadn’t had enough meat) are addictive, featuring more of that fantastic pastrami, with garlic, cheese sauce and coriander.



We demolished everything. 



This was our first visit to The Bagel Shop, but it most definitely won’t be our last. After all, there’s even a late night basic menu on the weekend when you’re in need of a little late night, post gin sustenance.

See you there?


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Everything was paid for by ourselves. The service was great, the food stunning. And I foresee lots of visits in 2018. 

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