Restaurant Opening: East Street, Manchester

I’ve been a very bad blogger. I mean, I’ve not been really bad. I’ve not hurt anyone, or anything, but I went to the launch for East Street from Tampopo and was, er, rather lax in taking pictures. 

I mean really lax. I barely took any, and one of them has a typo in it. I was just having too much fun eating great food and chatting to great people. So I’m sorry for the lack of photos and, if wonky grammar sends you into a minor rage, I’m sorry for that too, but the lack of images means I need to include it. 

Anywhoo, those of us who use public transport, particularly anywhere around Piccadilly Gardens have noticed the slow repopulation of the venues around there. So you may have noticed Rice disappear from it’s spot just next to the Piccadilly Gardens Metrolink stop, and slowly but surely, this new venture from Tampopo take its place. 


Tampopo are doing a smaller, neater version of their menu – filled with favourites, and available to enjoy on site, or grab and go. So whether you’re in the mood for nasi goreng, katsu fried chicken, or just a simple chow mein, they’ve got you covered. And so have their range of sides (yep, including chips) and dishes for kids. School holidays lunch treat, escape from the office, or Friday night take away, it all starts at £4.50 for mains. 

I can happily confirm that the food is up to the same great standard you’d expect from Tampopo. I’d show you a picture, but that pesky having too much of a good time and a massive catch up with friends kind of spoilt it. But as you can see, I totally cleaned my bowl. So you know it was good. Right?

That was the rendang curry. It was excellent. 

So were the Korean style wings, and the spring rolls. But again, you’ll just have to take my word for it. 

The one treat I did manage to photograph were their watermelon ices. Slices of fresh watermelon frozen and served on a stick. Sounds odd, tastes fresh, and cool, and at 60p each, makes an ideal antidote to the sultry summer we’ve been enjoying. 

A great spot in, a, well. An interesting spot. It’s impossible to be blind to the issues on Piccadilly Gardens, but the truth is, that the footfall, it’s central location and it being a transport hub, means it’s impossible to ignore it as an opportunity. 

As for me, it’s stupidly convenient for things like a Friday night takeaway for me and Mr GFB.

So, yeah East Street, probably see you Friday. 


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