Recipe: Vegan Rum Mincemeat with Woods Rum

I’ll admit it, the last few weeks feel like they’ve been awash with recipes, but I promise this is the last one for now. This one was a special request – so I do need to release it into the wild.

Some of you will remember my two gin mincemeat recipes. One based on a Mrs Beeton recipe, the second a vegan version of a Delia Smith recipe. Aside from the difference in ingredients, there is also another big difference between the two. The first, is a very traditional recipe you need to leave in a cold dark cupboard to mature for three weeks. The second takes a couple of days (1 overnight steep, one slow cook for 3 hours on a very low setting). This means that the latter is actually perfect for last minute gifts. 

It’s also pretty easy to prep with kids. Sure there’s booze involved, but the recipe is super simple. The ingredients are merely put into a bowl and stirred before being left overnight.  And once it’s cooked through the next day, then you can bake too. They get to be involved in the whole process. Sure, you may lose a few raisins in the process, but it’s worth it for introducing kids to cooking. And you can always add the rum separately if you’d rather.

This recipe not only has it’s roots in the gin recipe I did last year, but also has some influence from a clementine spiced rum I made a few years ago for 31Dover. In fact, the remainder of this bottle is steeping as I type for a gift. Waste not, want not.

I love clementines for their citrus sweetness, and work so well with a kick of ginger and soft rounded vanilla. I also wanted to make this recipe totally accessible, so I hunted for a dark rum that was vegan. Thank you to Dave and Steve for the help. It resulted in me taking advantage of a supermarket offer on Wood’s 100 Old Navy Rum. It’s got a hefty ABV of 57% and has plenty of flavour, lots of toffee, and dark sugar notes, and only a relatively gentle spice, meaning it’s really rather smooth despite it’s strength. 

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I have. The result is a rich, dark, mincemeat, that’s has a soft ginger kick, but is full of soft round flavours, and will keep in a sealed jar for up to three years. It also works really well in my mincemeat cookie recipe

Vegan Mincemeat with Wood's 100 Navy Rum

An almost instant mincemeat that's great for gifts, or just for adding to pastry for delicious mince pies. This recipe makes around 1.3kg of mincemeat.


  • 250 grams Cooking apples peeled cored and finely diced
  • 50 grams Flaked toasted almonds crushed
  • 1 Vanilla pod (seeds)
  • 100 ml Woods Navy Rum
  • 110 grams Coconut oil (warmed so it is soft)
  • 125 grams Raisins
  • 100 grams Currants
  • 150 grams Mixed candied peel
  • 175 grams Light brown sugar
  • 6 Clementines - juice and zest
  • 1 tsp Mixed spice
  • 3 Pieces of stem ginger, grated (or use a similar amount of crystallised ginger, finely chopped)


  1. Put it all the ingredients in a large oven proof bowl, including the vanilla pod, for added oomph. 

  2. Stir well, then cover and leave overnight.

  3. The following day, preheat your oven to it's lowest setting. 

  4. Remove the vanilla pod, stir again, and cover the bowl with foil.

  5. Put the bowl into the floor of the oven and leave it for around 3 hours, stirring occasionally. 

  6. When finished, let it cool (again stirring occasionally to evenly dissipate the coconut oil), and place into sterilised jars.

  7. Label the jars, and give them as gifts,or use the mincemeat straight away for mince pies, cookies, and tarts. 



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