Product Review: Your Zooki

We’ve all been told the benefits of coconut oil. 

And it’s everywhere. We’ve finally realised, after years of being told that fat was bad for us that like all types of food, it’s not the enemy. In fact it’s kind of essential – for brain function, immune function, and it’s a quick and easy energy source. 

The craze for coconut oil means it’s almost literally everywhere. It’s in beauty products, supplements and your local supermarket, and is a staple in the ketogenic and paleo diet styles.

Now, whilst I’m not about to start waffling on about the benefits (or not) of coconut oil, I will say that I use it, particularly in a form of bulletproof coffee. The allegedly true recipe is a fat dense mixture of coconut oil, butter and coffee and is said to help fat loss and assist with brain function.

For me it’s an absolute saviour for early morning training. From getting up, to getting to the gym, I have no time to eat, let alone digest. Just a spoon of coconut oil in a coffee, sipped on the bus, stops me from experiencing that gnawing hunger feeling during early start lift sessions. Something that’s not an issue when spinning or running, but can take your strength levels from awesome to zero faster than you can say ‘dammit I’m hangry’.



So when the chaps from Your Zooki suggested I try their MCT Zooki, I was curious. MCT is short for Medium Chain Triglycerides. It’s a refined form of fat that’s dense in calories, and fats that are easy to digest. It’s something that’s proving very popular in the USA, with hype surrounding it aiding weight loss, mental clarity and limited research on it’s efficacy in aiding memory loss and even Alzheimer’s patients.

Because it’s a concentration of MCTs, rather than the more varied version of fats in coconut oil, it’s said to be more effective, and it’s definitely more calorific. You get a good hit of around 70 calories for every 15ml. 



Taste wise, think gently sweet vanilla and coconut. There’s no added sugar, and the fats are pretty sensitive so you don’t cook with them, just add them to a shake, smoothie, or like me cooled coffee. Luckily I’m not one of those who can drink it scalding hot!

There is a gentle word of warning. Our bodies aren’t used to something so densely calorific, so it’s worth gradually introducing it. Certainly for me, teaspoon one was fine, moving up to two, not a problem, but three sent my stomach into knots. It settled pretty quickly, but it was a bit of a shock to my tum.



I also used it as a breakfast substitute, or as a top up when pushed for time in a protein shake. It just adds a little creaminess to the shake, and keeps me going through a heavy weights or coaching session. 

Zooki are revolutionising supplements. Their MCT is great, but I’ve also tasted their fruity Omega 3 blend (it’s delicious and will ruin capsules for you as there is no fishy taste going on), and their Vitamin Zooki (MCT blended with vitamins and minerals, a proper shortcut to your essentials).

Yeah, I think you could say I’m a bit of a convert. Thanks chaps. 


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