Product Review: WUKA Period Underwear

So, if you haven’t gathered from the above, this is one for anyone with a womb. 

Back in November, I wrote about the kick starter for Wake Up Kick Ass, period knickers. These were totally funded and I finally got my hands on a pair earlier this year.

Unfortunately for me, mother nature hasn’t been playing ball. This year I hit forty and it seems already I’m getting perimenopausal symptoms. I’ve gone from having a clockwork accurate cycle to a ‘when my body feels like it’. After two rounds of blood tests (for everything) I’m still in the ‘normal’ range, but the symptoms are very real. So I’m waiting for my next round of blood tests in three months to check again.

So it’s taken a little longer for my body to decide it wanted a period. Which is just inconsiderate considering I had a blog post to write. 



WUKA period underwear is designed to replace tampons, and towels. It’s leakproof, washable, reusable. So environmentally friendly, clothing friendly (no chance of ‘oops’ moments), and comfortable. 

The crotch contains a soft padding – that feels similar to memory foam (though much thinner) so it’s comfortable, it doesn’t feel bulky or overly thick. It’s about the same thickness as most pads, but much softer, and less, well, crunchy. You know the sound I mean, that crumple of paperyness that feels like it follows you around all day. 


That’s the spiel. I of course had to try it out. But I was… Wary. I have heavy periods and with my last cycle being around 6 weeks long, I was expecting that period to be a bit hellish. And to put it bluntly, there was a horror movie massacre in my pants for a few days. 



So I began with an overnight wear. And I did hit a small issue. I’m normally a size 16 (L in the knickers). But on period days, bloat hits and, yeah, for future I’ll order an XL to make sure my tummy doesn’t feel like it’s going to burst over the top like some sort of fleshy marshmallow. Other than that, the fit was good, they were comfy, and I snuggled under the duvet and hoped for the best. 

And… They worked. Not a smudge, not a smear, nothing. My sheets remained clean, I felt comfortable, and happy to take them off and chuck them into the wash for another wear. 


Tentatively on a lighter day, I tried them during the day. Again, nothing. No issues, no discomfort, none of that icky dry feeling from using a pad, or that continual faff of going into the loos with a pad shoved up a sleeve, in my bra or pocket. If it weren’t for the cramps, I’d have never known.




Consider me convinced. Admittedly they’re not cheap – but given how much money I’m going to save long term on pads, and on the environment, and on leaks and ruining knickers and bedsheets… It’s an investment I’m happy to make – even if it takes me a little time.


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