Product Review: Wingz Fashion

I love winter. 

Knee boots, woolly tights, jumpers, huge big snuggly cardigans that for the rest of the year languish in a suitcase with all my other winter gear.

But it also makes me a little bit sad. 

I have lots of dresses that are perfect for the festive season – whether their print is full of snowflakes or holly berries, or they’re slightly thicker fabric, but they have one let down.

They’re sleeveless. 

I don’t really want to hide them under a cardigan, it defeats the object. I want to show off these gorgeous dresses, but I also, well, I won’t want to be cold. 

For some, sure I can put a long sleeved top on underneath – treat it like a pinafore dress. But others, it just looks bulky and a bit odd. A little while ago I spotted a trend in the US (check our Sleevey Wonders, yes the name is awesome), and now, finally, it’s hit our shores. I have discovered Wingz Fashion. Sleeves that you slip on over your bra like so:



And then pop a dress on top.


Warm arms, no bulk, you just tuck them under the shoulder…



… It doesn’t disrupt the neckline in any way shape or form… 



… And it doesn’t look weird or odd either. It just looks like part of the outfit.


I chose to review a really simple pair, long sleeves, plain black. But the selection is huge. Black, white, colours, chiffon, stretchy, floaty, long sleeve, short sleeve – the choice is up to you. What I love is that it expands your winter wardrobe a little bit, and if you’re a little self conscious about your arms (guilty) you can look at it with a slightly different look in mind. For a fancy do or wedding, you can add a set of light sleeves, that won’t make you feel too hot, but will offer you a little extra coverage, without covering up any detail with a jacket or shrug. 

I’m hooked.

They’re letting me look at my wardrobe with a fresh pair of eyes, and as most of them are around £15.99 per set, they’re not going to set you back very much either. 

My only problem now? Which to choose for my second pair.


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With thanks to Wingz who gave me this pair to review. I bloody love them as I can wear more of my dresses during the colder months, without covering up. 

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