Product Review: Stationery with Ryman Stationery

My name is Charlie and I’m a stationery addict.

It started in school – yes I was knee deep in eraser collections, scented, moulded, characters. Then came pencil toppers. From a simple triangular rubber to feather topped springs, trolls and pompoms.

Once I hit my final year of primary school and we were firmly in Berol pen territory, such things were frowned upon. We practice handwriting with a proper pen dontchaknow. 

All of which went out the window (again) in high school. Coloured biros, scented ink – seeing how far we could twist the insistence on blue ink with something a little closer to turquoise. 

I’d like to say that many years later things have changed. I’m just going to say that my tastes are little more… Refined.

When it comes to pens, there’s my trusty fountain pen, or more likely, my Frixion pens. Blue, black, multicoloured, these erasable pens are a staple of my handbag. And desk. And coffee table. Not that this ever stops me looking at different pens, or gratefully receiving a new one in a goody bag. 

I adore project books, and my notebook collection is, well, a bit too vast to be honest. I can’t walk past a stationery shop without popping in. There is still no feeling more blissful or satisfying than finishing an old book and starting a new one. 

All of this despite the fact that I have absolutely atrocious handwriting. 



So when Ryman offered to send me some pretty things – it was all I could do to politely reply ‘yes please’. Working on University campus, our local one closed and moved down the road. Just that little bit too far to justify a lunchtime visit, ink based ogle and paper based purchase. 

Receiving this pile of goodies has more than made up for it. 



The project book is perfect. I love them. There’s always one on my desk at work, and one in my handbag for other projects. The tabs mean I can keep everything separate without carrying around five or six different notebooks. I can use a section for minuting meetings, and another for a training sessions, and another for my to do list. The tabs are flexible and move about so the section for one thing can be bigger than something else. And the perforated pages mean once I’ve done with a section (usually my to do list), I can tear it out neatly and quietly file it in the recycling. 



The Leuchtturm notebook is perfect for formal meetings – especially if I want to impress, and the pocket in the back is perhaps the best thing ever. It’s now playing host to business cards and receipts – all the stuff I need to input online, but instead of overflowing from my purse into my bag, they’re now neatly sequestered away. 




It’s actually something I’d love to see added to a project book. Hint, hint. 

The washi tape with it’s macaron motif, has already cheered up one of my plants, and I suspect will be in use over Christmas. But perhaps the best thing is the post it note holder.

Think retro, think 1980s. I always wanted a polaroid camera as a kid, and this is the closest I’ve ever gotten!



I may now be looking for excuses to snap a note off the pad to scribble on. 

Yep. My name is Charlie and I really do have a stationery problem. 


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