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As much as I love wearing stockings, there comes a time of year when… you need a little extra layering. And, certainly in my case, a little more colour. I’ve had a thing for coloured opaque tights as long as I can remember. I’ve owned pretty much ever colour you can get your hands on. Neon yellow? Yep. Bright pink? Oh, yes. Maybe it’s because I’m an eighties kid, but I love a plain black dress with bright tights, layers of colour, or just matching my accessories to my tights. Sometimes not even trying, and yet managing it. 

But when it comes to being plus size, finding colours can be a challenge. I love the colours from Big Tights (as you’ll see in this review) but I will always, always want more. If you’re a small fat like me, you can hit Primark, and some online retailers, but the quality can be hit and miss, and as a bit of a shorty, the length can be hit and miss too. I’m average height, but have a long body, and short legs. Basically my torso is more like a tall persons torso, and my legs are… petite. Legs might fit, but bum won’t and vice versa. And I know I’m not alone in finding it a challenge. 

So when I spotted the adverts for Snag Tights last year, I figured I’d give them a go. I ordered a couple of pairs, just to try them for quality, and sizing. They’re £6.99 a pair (order more than one pair and you get a discount) so not the cheapest, but also not the most painful on the pennies. So what the hell, I figured, I might as well try them. 

I. Am. Hooked. 




The sizing is different to any hosiery company I’ve seen. It’s totally, utterly comprehensive. From size 4 to over a size 28, from petite sizing (5’3″ and under) to tall (5’9″+) they’ve got the biggest range I’ve seen anywhere. The sizing guide then also accommodates larger tums and bums, and those who have a smoother shape too, so they’ve taken body shape into account too. 

I, with my prominent bum, am comfortably a size E. And yes, they fit, no drooping, no crotch finding it’s way to your knees over the course of a day, no ankle wrinkles. They’re so damn comfortable.

And yet they stretch beautifully with movement. I can run around the office, around town, I can even comfortably deadlift in them. Nope, no kidding. Watch:



(It’s worth saying that this was for the student Welcome Week at work, and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to deadlift – even in a dress).

Colour wise, the basics are black, mustard, slate (grey), navy, and burgundy in the 80 denier (my preferred opacity), all but the mustard in the 50 denier, and they also do sheers (I’ll stick to my stockings). And if you’re lucky, they have limited editions in other colours and styles, like the New Wave, which are now on my post payday shopping list, if you lot don’t buy them all in my size first. 



As for wear and tear, yeah, they do eventually give in – but it takes some doing, so value for money wise (I use price per wear), they are well worth it. 

If tights have baffled, frustrated, chafed, fallen down, or made you turn to trousers permanently, I’d give these a go. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 


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All tights were paid for by me. I just really like them. 

2 thoughts on “Product Review: Snag Tights

  1. Totally agree – I was beginning to despair about tights – any that actually fit would work their way down until the crotch was at my knees by the time I got to the station in the morning. Unfortunately they only had black in stock when I ordered, but I’d like to try the colours.

    1. I think everyone started buying them, so there was a delay in my last order too, but worth the wait – especially as I order a lot at a time. Will kind of miss them when I go back to stockings. Ish. A little.

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